Biggest Syrian Flag Raised in Mass Rally

in Damascus Stressing National Unity,

Rejection of Foreign Interference

Jun 15, 2011 – Sana
DAMASCUS, (SANA) –Hundreds of thousands of the Syrian people on Wednesday raised the biggest Syrian flag at al-Mezzeh Highway in Damascus in a response to a campaign launched by Syria’s youths and in an expression of their deep national belonging and their rejection of any foreign interference in Syria’s affairs.

The 2300-meter long and 18-meter wide flag was held by masses of the Syrian people who came to participate in “Raise with us the Biggest Syrian Flag” youth campaign.

Al-Mezzeh Highway was packed with the young people who started to flock to the place hours ago to take part in raising the flag.


Arab students who are studying at the Syrian universities are also participating in raising the biggest Syrian flag campaign.

Thousands of balloons colored with the Syrian flag’s colors were set off in the sky over al- Mezzeh Highway, while youth chants called for national unity and the independence of Syria’s national decision.


Popular, civil and social activities participating in the campaign stressed that they bet on the internal unity, diversity, vitality and creativity of the Syrian people.

They also highlighted that they are the ones who decide their destinies and draw the future of their homeland, adding that they will not allow anyone to tamper with Syria’s national unity.

The Syrian people can form their national, modern and contemporary program away from any custodies or interferences, they added.


SANA correspondent said that an overwhelming national sentiment prevailed the crowds of young people as the Syrian flag was raised, and some people cried agitated by this gathering national scene.

The campaign media coordinator, Rabie Dibeh, told SANA that the campaign started with the Syrian national anthem and observing a moment of silence to honor the civilian and army martyrs.

He added that the activity is held on behalf of the Syrian people with all their segments as an expression of the national unity and a rejection of foreign interference attempts in the Syrian internal affairs.


Dibeh underlined that the invitation for participating in the campaign was addressed to all the Syrians in general so as to give a message that the Syrian people are committed to their principled national and pan-Arab stances under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad and that they fully reject any forms of foreign interference.

Around 8000 young people, who came from all the Syrian provinces, participated in raising the flag, according to Ghiath Tafnekji, one of the campaign’s organizers.


He pointed out that this was the largest ever raised Syrian flag with a length of 2300 meters symbolizing the 23 million Syrians living in Syria.

The 81-year old man, Abu Ahmad, and his wife expressed pride of the new generation of the Syrian youth who rushed to support their Homeland inspired by their awareness and national unity to stress rejection of all attempts to undermine Syria’s stability and security.

For his part, Nidal al-Abdullah said “the participation of thousands of the Syrian people in raising the flag proved the unity of the Syrian society despite the difference in our viewpoints, ideas and demands still we live together in one country.”

Ahmad al-Ali and some of his friends came from Aleppo province to participate in this popular event to stress that Homeland is much more important than anything.

The 18-year old student Yara Dibo left the preparation for her secondary school examinations to share the thousands of Syrian people their love to Syria and its leadership, adding that “the Syrian unity is the only way for victory”.

Mohammad Kana’an Turjman, 87 years old, said “I used to come to where the youth gather for one month to help them sewing the flag,” stressing that it is a spontaneous initiative to condemn violence and crimes committed by the armed terrorist groups.


The child Rand Qadamani, 12 years old, said chanting Syrian and national songs while raising the flag made her proud of her people and army.

Bashar al-Ali, member of Syrian youth group on the Facebook, said “Syria will come out much stronger than ever thanks to the Syrian Army and the Syrian youth who always work to figure out new techniques to spread their voice to the outside world.

Footballer Obeida Tuleimat of al-Karama Club said that he came from Homs to participate in raising the longest flag although the flag will move to all the Syrian cities, pointing out that he will participate in carrying the flag in every city.

Tuleimat said that Syrian national unity was reflected through the participants of the campaign regardless to their backgrounds.

A Lebanese lady who is married to a Syrian citizen said that she wanted to participate in the event to thank Syria and its leader for supporting the Lebanese Resistance, considering that the steadfastness of Syria has prevented the region from wars, chaos and division.

Tamer Abdul Salam, who suffers from cerebral palsy, found a way to express his feelings, carrying a small Syrian flag. Tamer’s father said “my son is watching the events just like every one of us and he understands and expresses his own feelings in his way.”


Suleiman Audi, a man from Palestinian origin, said ” my friends and I have waited so long to seize the opportunity and go out to the street to express our rejection of what is going on in Syria, the country which embraced the Palestinians and opened its doors for us to study and work just as the Syrian citizens…some parts asked us to stay aside, but we can not watch and see the terrorists and the conspirators speechlessly.”

Medical teams from the Syrian Red Crescent also participated in the campaign. The Organization’s staffs got ready early in the morning for any emergency cases.

Head of First Aid, Firas al-Naqib said that no accidents happened during the event except for some sunburn cases which had been promptly cured.

The organizers and participants started to extend the flag on the ground and take their place, expressing their love to their homeland spontaneously. They kissed the flag and chanted slogans for Syria’s unity.