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Guns turn towards Syria: End violence or else?

Russia has again warned foreign powers against intervening in Syria’s internal unrest.

It comes after Jordan reportedly asked the UK to take the lead in a war of words against president Assad, in an effort to oust him from power.

Moscow has expressed concern that the situation is falling too much in line with the Libyan scenario. RussiaToday’s Ivor Bennett has more.

Mission Arab Spring: ‘Taking out Syria planned since 9/11’

The fall of Libya, the riots in Syria, the media attack on Iran are all parts of a global decades-old American plan to take control of all Middle East, believes regional consultant Peter Eyre. A good number of other countries in the region are on agenda… RT News

UK Jordan boost anti-Syrian regime campaign

The UK is reportedly being urged by Jordan’s king to lead a “diplomatic drive” to remove the Assad regime in Damascus. France, a key partner in the campaign to kill the Gaddafi regime, is also on the list of would-be captains of an anti-Assad push. RT News

Bloody civil war at hand as Syria under ultimatum

The Syrian president has until Saturday to stop the violent crackdown on protesters and allow a monitoring team into the country. That’s the ultimatum from the Arab League which threatens to tighten the financial noose around the regime, by slapping down heavy sanctions. And while the drum beats louder for international pressure against Bashar al-Assad, there are fears it may only make a bad situation worse.
The Arab League’s mounting pressure on Syria is being seen as little more than doing the West’s bidding. That’s in the eyes of Russia’s envoy to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin.
Germany, Britain and France are pressing for a UN resolution, condemning Syria’s human rights violations. And while the opposition and the regime play a blame-game over the rising death toll, some experts say the uprising is rooted outside the country. RT News