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IDLEB, (SANA) – Arresting 57 Wanted, Confiscating Weapons and Communication Devices in Qualitative Operation in Idleb

The competent authorities in Idleb province on Thursday implemented a qualitative operation in Kafr Roma to the west of Maart al-Noman, as they arrested 57 wanted and confiscated weapons and high-tech communication devices.

An official military source told SANA correspondent that the operation was carried out accurately after attacking a stronghold of a terrorist armed group in Kafr Roma according to army members’ investigations.

Army members attacked the terrorists and arrested 57 of them and confiscated weapons, high-tech communication devices and explosive materials.

In a similar context, the competent authorities clashed with a terrorist armed group in a pickup truck that tried to attack an army check point in Kansafra in al-Zawya Mountain.

An army member was injured in the attack while three gunmen were killed in the clash.

On the other hand, an official source in Maart al-Noman refuted what al-Arabia TV Channel broadcast on Thursday about armed attacks against security and al-Baath Party headquarters in the city and outside it.

The source indicated that this news is “false and it comes in the framework of the fierce misleading media campaign launched by some satellite channels to falsify facts.”

In Homs, the competent authorities arrested 8 of the most dangerous terrorists convicted of murder and confiscated cars they used in al-Sina’a area in Homs.

Armed Terrorist Groups Kill 3 Citizens in Idlib, Sabotage Public and Private Properties

The corpse of Veterinarian Haitham Azzouz, who works at Agricultural Guidance Directorate in Ma’saran town, Idleb Provuince, was found after he was kidnapped by an armed terrorist group. Asource at Idleb Police Command said Thursday that Azzouz corpse was found dead near his town with several gunshot.

In the same context, another armed terrorist grupo killd civilian Mohammad Youssef Jalloul from al-Hubit town, in Idleb, where his corpse was found near the junction of Kfar Zetta town.

Mohammed Azizi, the 62-year old, from Talmens town died after he was shot by an armed group. On the other hand, a terrorist group stormed in Ma’arrat al-Naman water unite, threatened employees, stole their mobile phones and hijacked pickup car, while another terrorist group stole the service car of Ariha electricity center.

The armed groups also burned two electric tools’ warehouse in Ariha city.

Armed Terrorist Group Storms Houses and Terrorizes People in Damascus Countryside

An armed terrorist group claiming to be security members caused chaos in some areas in Damascus, robbed citizens and terrorized them before falling in the hands of the security in Damascus countryside.

Hussein Khalaf Khalaf, from Kamishli who lives in Rukneddin, said that he and his friend Muhammad Mudar Jawdat and other men broke into houses in Jairoud, Damascus countryside, posing as security members claiming to be searching for secret documents against the state.

In confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV, Khalaf confessed to storming homes in Jairoud, al-Nabk and Yabroud in Damascus countryside and stealing weapons, money and valuable possessions.

He added that his group stormed a house of a doctor in Jaramana in Damascus and stole SYP 125 thousand.

Ahmad al-Muhammad, a driver who lives in Rukneddin, said that he was engaged in burglary acts, taking advantage of the events in Syria. He admitted that they stole a sum of SYP 400 thousand.

Muhammad Mudar Jawdat confessed that he was the ‘mastermind’ of most of the group’s operations.

R. Milhem / Ghossoun/M. Ismael – Nov 18, 2011 – Sana.News