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Captain al-Omar Succumbed to His Wounds after Being Targeted by Armed Terrorist Group in Hama

Dec 20, 2011

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Captain Talal Hassan al-Omar from Law-Enforcement Forces was martyred on Tuesday after he was injured by a armed terrorist group while in the line of duty in Hama.

A medical source at Tishreen Military hospital said that Martyr al-Omar entered ER at the Hospital on 13th of the current month after he was shot in the chest and neck.

The source pointed out that Captain al-Omar passed away this morning after his heart stopped beating. Martyr Talal al-Omar is from Yabroud, al-Joubba in Qalamoun area, Damascus Countryside. He is married with two children.

R. Milhem / R. Jazaeri – Sana.sy