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Mass Rally in Damascus in Rejection of Foreign Interference

Dec 20, 2011



DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Huge masses of people flocked on Monday to Saba’a Bahrat Square in Damascus to express their rejection of foreign interference in the internal affairs of Syria and their support to the national independent decision and the comprehensive reform process under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.


Ambassador Imad Mustafa considered the rallies staged all over Syria to support the comprehensive reform program and resistance “a referendum on the national line of Syria”, pointing out that the friendly countries of Syria have chosen to stand by the just causes and inspect the reality of events taking place in Syria.


For his part, Syrian MP Khaled al-Abboud stressed that the Syrian leadership will continue the comprehensive reform program, clarifying that the end of the Syrian crisis has started with the US withdrawal from Iraq.


Participants in the rally stressed that only the Syrians can build modern and democratic Syria and the Syrian youth can determine their destiny.

They said that the free men of the world came to Syria to support “the homeland of dignity and steadfastness” and stand by the Syrian people “who taught the world honor and pride”.


The participants added that the rally today is a message to the whole world that the Syrian people reject foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs and support the comprehensive reform program, stressing that Syria is “beating heart of Arabism”.


Participants waved the national flags and placards expressing their resolve to stand against everyone trying to undermine Syria.




F. Allafi/M. Ismael- Sana.sy