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DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Terrorist Khaled al-Sayes on Wednesday confessed participating with several armed terrorist groups in attacking citizens, stealing cars, kidnapping two girls and committing murder looting and possessing arms and grenades as to terrify safe people.

In his confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV, al-Sayes said that he works as a house painter and he was arrested for killing citizen Alaa al-Harastani and sentenced in absentia to four years in prison for attempted murder.

Al-Sayes said that he killed al-Harastani with 8 gunshots to the head and chest as the latter refused to give up his gun and denied that he had one.

The terrorist added that he participated in protests, opened fire on the passers-by and forced shop owners to close their businesses.

He said that his two friends Ayham Zidan and Abdel Wahhab al-Qadamani stole taxis, in addition to that they, the three men, threatened citizens if they voiced support to the government.

Al-Sayes confessed to kidnapping two Iraqi girls in Qudssaya area.

R. Raslan/ al-Ibrahim – Sana News Agency