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Masses Gather at Umayyad Square in Appreciation of Army’s Sacrifices

DAMASCUS,(SANA) – Masses of citizens on Wednesday flocked to the Umayyad Square to participate in the activity of ” Defenders of the Homeland, Peace Be Upon You” in appreciation of the Syrian army’s sacrifices for the sake of the homeland.

The participants started the activity observing a minute of silence in honor of the army martyrs, chanted the Syrian national anthem and launched 500 balloons with the colors of the Syrian flag.


The crowds unveiled a 7-meter monument representing the Syrian Arab soldier, which is made of clay, plaster, steel and fiberglass, to express solidarity and support of the Syrian army to protect Syria’s national unity.


Then, the crowds performed the armed forces oath of allegiance to defend the homeland, Syria, and preserve its independence and sovereignty.


The participants stressed the Syrian people’s ability to confront the conspiracy hatched against Syria to deviate it from its pan-Arab line in defending the Arab Nation’s rights and interests, affirming the Syrian’s solidarity with the army in its national task.


The citizens also appreciated stances taken by Russia, China and the free people of the world in support of the Syrian people and leadership and their keenness on respecting the right of people in self-determination away from any foreign interference.


Father Jebraeil Dawood said the role of clergymen in this crisis is to raise the awareness, unite the people and call for supporting the Syrian army members in their mission to defend the homeland’s stability and security.

For his part, MP Khaled al-Abboud said Syria’s steadfastness can be manifested in the inability of the conspirators to establish a center for their armed terrorist groups inside the Syrian land or allow foreign military intervention in it thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian army.

He added the blood of the Syrian army is a red line and those who shed it are agents and traitors.


In turn, Actor Aref al-Taweel said that Syria lives a unique state of national unity shown clearly in the Syrian people’s rallying around the Syrian army, adding that the event today is to express appreciation for the Syrian soldiers who safeguard our country with their lives and to greet the army martyrs.

He hailed the role of the Syrian youth in dealing with advanced means of communication to confront the misleading media campaign launched against their homeland.


The Lebanese Strategic Researcher Nasser Qandil said that the Arab parties will know that without Syria’s approval, no initiative would be signed and no demand can be imposed on Damascus when their observers witness the spontaneous daily rallies throughout the Syrian squares and streets in support of the President rejecting foreign interference.

The participant Qamar Arbash said that only the Syrians are able to build modern Syria.

Citizen Abdul Latif Mohammad, taking part in the activity, said the Syrian people went out to express their support and confidence in President Bashar al-Assad’s steps towards finding a solution to the crisis.


The activity included artistic shows in appreciation for the sacrifices of the Syrian army, in addition to chanting national and popular songs and reciting poems in condemnation of the conspiracy hatched against Syria.






R. Raslan/ R. al-Jazaeri/ al-Ibrahim  – by Syrian Arab News Agency