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DAMASCUS, (SANA)- Jan 06, 2012  – Lebanese strategic expert Dr. Amin Huteit on Friday said the place, time and tool of the terrorist operation which hit al-Midan neighborhood in Damascus prove it is a “devilish act” led by the system of hostile plotting against Syria.

In a phone call with the Syrian TV, Dr. Hutei said the terrorist act came within an atmosphere produced by the US and some of the Arabs, led by Qatar, of questioning the role of Arab monitors and calling for their withdrawal to give free rein to terrorists in Syria.

He pointed out that the failure of the conspiracy against Syria drove the conspirators toward carrying out terrorist operations against innocent civilians in implementation of Washington’s retaliatory strategy against Syria because of its steadfastness and commitment to its principles and refusal to succumb to the U.S. dictates.

The Lebanese strategic expert described the terrorist bombing in al-Midan neighborhood as “the terrorism of the desperate”, stressing that terrorism will not succeed in undermining Syria or weakening its stances.