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Petition – Please Sign against a WAR in Syria

We have seen what Nato and America did to Libya.

Don’t let it happen again. Syria means World War 3.

We Syrians just want to live in peace like any other human being.

We want to thank everyone, in the name of the Syrian People who will support us in this case.
Follow the instructions:

  1. click on http://www.freundschaft-mit-valjevo.de/wordpress/
  2. click now right at the orange button “unterschreiben” it means “sign”.
  3. Now wright you name, family name, email-address and if you want your profession.
  4. At the end you have to click again at the orange button to send it!

Please SPREAD it to your friends … we can’t do everything ourselves. We need your help!

It takes just 2 minutes and you will save thousands of humans!

God bless you all.

Students in Europe
Syrian Students in Germany

SyrianFreePress network support this petition