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Gilles Jacquier and 8 other Syrians killed by Terrorist Groups in Syria (video with english subtitles)

Committee Formed to Investigate Circumstances of the Death of French Journalist and other 8 Syrians in Homs

Governor of Homs Ghassan Abdel al-Aal issued a decision to form a committee to conduct an investigation into the facts, evidence and circumstances of the attack which claimed the lives of the French journalist Gilles Jacquier, the correspondent of France 2 TV, and 8 Syrian citizens, leaving 35 others injured.

The committee consists of a judge, Head of the Criminal Security Branch in Homs City, two weapons experts and a representative of the France 2 TV channel.

Jacquier was visiting Ekrima neighborhood in Homs along with a foreign media delegation to document the damages left by terrorists on building with photos and interviewing citizens who were victims of terror in the city when armed terrorist members fired mortar projectiles on the delegation.

Gilles Jacquier – Gangsters shoot fire public transportation highway Syria

Stupid & criminal Armed Gangs shoot fire at cars and public transportation on highways in Syria. They want to scare civilians and prevent them from traviling or going out. Syrian Army will clean the streets from those al-Qaeda’s gangsters. Gilles Jacquier, Syrie, France 2


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