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SWEIDA/DEIR EZZOR, (SANA) – January 17, 2012 – In Sweida governorate, masses gathered in the southern entrance of Shahba city to denounce the crimes committed by armed terrorist groups, affirming that Syria will emerge stronger thanks to the awareness of its people and their rallying around the leadership.

Participants carried Syrian flags and banners and chanted slogans saluting the army and calling for striking against those who tamper with Syria’s security and shed Syrian blood.

The participants affirmed that all honest Syrians stand as one in  the face of the conspiracy targeting Syria, stressing that they gathered to voice their rejection of all conspiracies and send a clear message of challenge to those who seek to undermine Syria’s steadfastness.

They also expressed support for the reform program and their commitment to national unity, saluting the Syrian military and civilian martyrs and saying that Syria is worth sacrificing everything for.

The participants called on the Arab League observer mission to relate facts objectively and professionally and relay the true pulse of the Syrian street.

In Deir Ezzor, the “Syria’s Braids” group held a campaign for collecting signatures of mothers and women from the governorate in cooperation with the Women Union branch.

The campaign, titled “The Will of Syria’s Mothers,” aims at collecting signatures to show support for independent national decision and the reform program led by President al-Assad, in addition to expressing rejection of foreign interference.

The campaign’s organizers said that the “will” invites Syrians to preserve amity, security and safety in Syria, and that the activity aims at spreading awareness of the need for mothers to raise their children to love their country and instill in them the culture of dialogue.

H. Sabbagh –SANA – Reloaded by SFPN