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TARTOUS, (SANA) – Governor of Tartous Atef al-Naddaf affirmed on Wednesday that Syria will emerge from the crisis stronger and more resilient thanks to the awareness and national unity of the Syrian people which foiled the conspiracy targeting the country.

During a meeting with a delegation from Britain’s Sky News visiting the governorate, al-Naddaf said that the armed terrorist groups are assisted in carrying out their crimes by outside forces that send them money and support.

He pointed out that the rallying of Syrians in squares across the country is proof that Syria is victorious.

In turn, Sky News correspondent Kelvin O’Shea said that the delegation came to Syria to see the reality of the situation on the ground, noting that he accompanied a team of Arab League observers who visited various areas in Homs, Damascus and Damascus countryside, and that he will visit other areas to inspect the situation in them closely.

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