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GOVERNORATES, (SANA)- The bodies of sixteen army, law-enforcement and civilian martyrs on Tuesday were escorted from Tishreen and Homs Military Hospitals to their final resting place.

The Martyrs were targeted by the armed terrorist groups while they were in the line of duty in Homs, Idleb, Damascus Countryside Daraa.

Solemn processions were held for the martyrs as the Military Band was playing the music of the “Martyr” and the “Farewell.”

The martyrs are:

Chief Warrant Officer Ahmed Suleiman al-Hamdan, Homs.

Chief Warrant Officer Ali Issa Haider , Tartous.

Warrant Officer Suhad Youssef Badran, Homs.

Warrant Officer Hassan Suleiman Khaled, Idleb.

Sergeant Major Kenan Nasser al-Mohammad, Homs.

Sergeant Mustafa Ahmed al-Asa’ad, Homs.

Sergeant Issa Fuad al-Khuder, Homs.

Corporal Louai Mohammed Murshed, Homs.

Corporal Mohammed Hassan Mohammed, Aleppo.

Corporal Ahmed Abdul Razak al-Mousa, Hasaka.

Private Mohammed Ahmed Saloum, Raqqa.

Private Mahmoud Khaled al-Asfour, Hama.

Private Omar Khalid al-Rashid, Idleb.

Policeman Tareq Issa Sabra, Homs.

Citizen Ahmed Saleh al-Ahmad, Homs.

Civil Muwaffaq Abbas Rustom , Homs.

Relatives of the martyrs stressed that the acts of organized terrorism perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups will not dissuade the Syrians from their adherence to the their national and pan-Arab stances.

They called for confronting the criminal terrorists who don’t know the meaning of humanity, and to prosecute whoever wants to tamper with the security and stability of the homeland.

Ghossoun / SyrianArabNewsAgency – January 25, 2012

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