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January 26, 2012 – Hundreds of thousands of Syrians of all governorates headed since the early morning Thursday to central and main squares in rallies of support to the ongoing process of comprehensive reform led and masterminded by President Bashar al-Assad.

The jubilant Syrians, chanting pro-Assad songs, embracing President al-Assad\’s pictures, waving national banners and Syrian Flags, took to the streets in rejection of the recent decisions by Arab League Council which are but flagrant violation of the Syrian independence and sovereignty.

Thousands of angry Syrians have been frequenting Syria\’s main squares and streets in condemnation of the ongoing aggressive campaigns led by some Arab sides within the frame of the conspiratorial scheme hatched against Syria.

Today\’s huge rallies, an embodiment of the Syrians\’ national unity and cohesion, are considered a sharp cry and strong condemnation of the armed terrorist groups\’ attacks against their security, stability and unity.

The Syrian Arab Army and security forces\’ sacrifices and martyrs in confrontation of the terrorist armed groups\’ attacks have been highly appreciated by the jubilant Syrians.