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HOMS/ DARAA / ALEPPO, (SANA) – Colonel Loai Mohammed al-Nuqari was martyred on Thursday after he was targeted by an armed terrorist group near his house at al-Awa’ar Neighborhood in Homs.

SANA Correspondent was informed that an armed terrorist group opened fire from its machineguns on Col. al-Nuqari near his house as he was immediately martyred.

On the other hand, First Lieutenant Engineer, Suleiman Ali Jura’a from the Engineering Units was martyred while he was dismantling a bomb which was planted by an armed terrorist group near Khirbet Ghazaleh Bridge in Daraa Countryside.

A source told SANA Correspondent that Engineer Jura’a was martyred while he was dismantling the bomb , pointing out that the armed terrorist group denoted the bomb through a remote control, while the engineer was dismantling it.

The source added that two members of the armed group, which denoted the bomb, were arrested along with their weapons.

Armed Terrorist Group Assassinates an Industrialist in Aleppo

An armed terrorist group on Thursday assassinated the industrialist Haitham Khankan as it opened fire on him while entering his factory “The Golden Penguin” at Sheikh Najjar Industrial City in Aleppo.

SANA correspondent in the governorate said that four armed terrorists in a Double Cab Jeep Car fired on the car of Khankan which caused his immediate death.

He added that the security cameras installed at the entrance of the factory filmed the terrorists who assassinated Khankan, indicating that the authorities are studying and analyzing information to hunt the killers to arrest them.

English Bulletin- SANA – 26/01/2012

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