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Seven Army Members Martyred by Armed Terrorist Group Gunfire in Damascus Countryside, Terrorists Attack Oil Pipeline in Deir Ezzor

Jan 29, 2012 – DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE An armed terrorist group attacked on Saturday a bus carrying members from the Signal Department in Damascus countryside, killing 7 members including an First Lieutenant.


SANA correspondent was informed that the armed terrorist group attacked the bus between Adra and Douma towns leading to the martyrdom of First Lieutenant Yasser Mohammad Kaso, Chief Warrant Officer Hamza Suleiman Dib, Sergeant Major Ali Mahmoud Ibrahim, Sergeant Rami Salim Joyhra, Sergeant Ali Hatem al-Qadi, Conscript Mohammad Sakhr Baha Eddin al-Takriti and  Conscript Ahmad Mohammad al-Mustafa.


The bodies of the martyrs were transferred to Tishreen Military Hospital.

Terrorist Group Attacks Oil Pipeline near al-Quriye in Deir Ezzor

A terrorist group targeted an oil pipeline south of al-Quriye in Deir Ezzor with an explosive device at 3 AM on Saturday, causing a fire at the area of explosion.

An official Source at the Petroleum Ministry told SANA that the targeted pipeline has a diameter of 24 inches and transports crude oil from al-Omar field which belongs to al-Furat oil company to the second station T2.


The source said that the pipeline wasn’t operating at the time of explosion but it was filled with oil, leading to the loss of approximately 2000 barrels due to the fire, adding that oil was pumped into the auxiliary pipeline and that production wasn’t affected by this attack.

The source went on to say that the oil company’s firemen and Deir Ezzor fire department and civil defense managed to put out the fires after a few hours, and that maintenance is underway to repair the pipeleine which is expected to become functional again within the next two days.


This particular pipeline was attacked multiple times in several areas before, causing brief pauses in pumping which didn’t affect production due to the existence of auxiliary lines and due to carrying out repairs quickly.

Armed terrorist groups attacked several oil, gas and fuel pipelines across Syria, including a fuel pipeline from Homs to Hama and Idleb in December 2011 and a gas pipeline feeds two electric power plants in January 2012.

Two Law-enforcement Members Martyred, 8 Injured in Armed Attacks in Idleb, Homs

A law-enforcement member was martyred and another injured when a terrorist suicide bomber in a booby-trapped car blew himself up on Idleb-Ariha road on Saturday.

SANA quoted an official source as saying that the terrorist attack took place on Idleb-Ariha road, killing Conscript Youseh Shahadat and seriously injuring Jihad Arwati, a law-enforcement member.

In Homs, a law-enforcement member was martyred and three others injured by an armed group in Homs countryside.

An official source told SANA correspondent that armed terrorist groups attacked by gunfire the law-enforcement forces in Talbiseh and al-Rastan cities in Homs countryside, killing conscript Mustapha al-Assaf in al-Rastan and injuring three others.

A number of civilians and law-enforcement members were injured by armed groups in al-Mahatta neighborhood in Homs city.

Weapons, Ammunition, Communication Devices and Stolen Archeological Findings Seized in Hama


Authorities in Hama province stormed the hideouts of armed terrorist groups at al-Farayeh, al-Hamediyeh, Bab al-Qubli and al-Hader neighborhoods in Hama city and seized large amounts of weapons, ammunition, communication devices and stolen archeological findings dating back to the first millennium B.C.

The seized weapons included machine guns, RPG launcher and five RPGs, 11mortar projectiles, explosive devices, chemical materials for making explosives and Molotov cocktails, batteries used in detonations, military uniforms, masks, night vision telescopes, computers and stolen vehicle license plates, in addition to 27 wireless communication devices.

The authorities also recovered 7 state and private cars which the armed terrorist groups stole from different places, in addition to seizing a vehicle with a mangonel.

Armed terrorist groups used the bakery at al-Hamediyeh neighborhood through making holes in its walls to target the military and civilians.


Text by SANA

Republished by SyrianFreePress