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Armed Terrorist Group Blows up Gas Pipeline in Homs, Six Army Members Martyred by Terrorists in Daraa Countryside

Jan 30, 2012 – HOMS/DARAA – An armed terrorist group at dawn Monday blew up a gas pipeline extending from Homs to Banyas near al-Rabieh village in Tal Kalakh.

The attack caused a leak of about 460,000 cubic meter of gas.

An official source at the Ministry of Petroleum told SANA that the sabotaged 24-inch diameter pipeline, set ablaze and exploded by an explosive charge, is affiliated to the Syrian Gas Company and feeds Banyas electricity generation plant operating by gas.

The source said two electricity generation plants with a capacity of 260 megawatt/hour were stopped due to the explosion.

” No casualties were reported as pumping gas immediately stopped after the explosion,” the source added, stressing that the concerned authorities started repair works in preparation for the resumption of pumping gas during a week.

Last Saturday, an armed terrorist group launched a sabotage attack against an oil-pipeline passing nearby al-Quriya City in Deir Ezzor Province.

The pipeline was set on fire and exploded by an explosive device causing the loss of about 2000 barrels of oil.

The armed terrorist groups have been targeting pipelines of transferring oil, gas and oil derivatives by explosive devices.

Earlier, an armed terrorist group targeted a diesel transfer pipeline extending from Homs to Hama and Idleb, exploding it with an explosive device between Mousa al-Holeh and Talas villages, and the gas pipeline which transfers gas from the central area near al-Rastan City and feeds al-Zara and al-Zaizoun electricity generation stations.

Six Army Members Martyred by Armed  Terrorist Group Gunfire in Daraa Countryside

Six army members, including a colonel, were martyred on Monday by the gunfire of an armed terrorist group while they were in the line of duty.

The martyrs are:

  • Colonel Haroon Sultan Sultan.
  • Chief Warrant Officer Abdullah Khuder al-Khuder.
  • Chief Warrant Officer Ibrahim Mohammed Ali.
  • Sergeant Major Ayman Ali al-Ali.
  • Sergeant Major Ma’rouf Ali Ma’rouf.
  • Sergeant Ahmad Moussa Ibrahim.

SANA correspondent was informed that when the armed terrorist group attacked the car carrying the military personnel, a clash occurred resulting in the killing and the injury of a number of the terrorists.

Authorities Engage Terrorist Group in Daraa, Kill and Wound Several Terrorists

The authorities in Daraa engaged an armed terrorist group that attempted to attack law-enforcement forces between the towns of Alma and Kherbet Ghazaleh in Daraa countryside.

An official source told SANA’s correspondent that three terrorists were killed and two were injured during the conflict, and that there were no injuries or casualties among the authorities and law-enforcement forces.

Armed Terrorist Groups Assassinate Dr. Mustafa Safar and Teacher Ruba Ibrahim

In the framework of targeting the Syrian medical, technical, and technological expertise, another armed group assassinated Dr. Mustafa Mohammed Safar.

SANA Correspondent was informed that an armed terrorist group opened fire at Dr. Safar, the employee at Bissan Hospital affiliated to the School Health Department in Homs near the University Campus.

Another armed terrorist group assassinated Ruba Ibrahim, a teacher at the National Center for the Gifted in Homs.

An informed source told SANA’s correspondent that the armed terrorist group opened fire from machineguns at the teacher’s car near Khaled bin al-Walid Mosque in Homs city. She sustained a gunshot wound to the head, killing her instantly.

Armed Terrorist Group Breaks in Sqat Municipality Building in Idleb

An armed terrorist group attacked Sqat Municipality Building in Ariha region, Idleb governorate. A well-informed source told SANA correspondent that the terrorist group broke the door, stole computers and damaged its content.

In the same context, authorities found the body of Conscript Mohammad Said al-Durra bearing marks of torture and mutilation in Maaret al-Numan.

The source added that the Conscript was off duty when the armed terrorist group targeted him.

Twelve terrorists killed, eight injured while preparing explosives at al-Rastan

Twelve terrorists were killed and 8 others injured while they were preparing explosives at al-Rastan in Homs.

SANA reporter in Homs learned from an official source that the terrorist group was preparing explosives to be used against law enforcement members and terrifying civilians, and while they were doing that, the explosives went off leading to the death of the majority of them.

Text by SANA

Republished by SyrianFreePress