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Millions of Syrians of all governorates headed since the early morning Thursday to central and main squares in rallies of support to the ongoing process of comprehensive reform led and masterminded by President Bashar al-Assad.

Expressing their awareness of their responsibilities to face the conspiracy targeting their beloved homeland, masses of citizens streamed into Saba Bahrat Square in Damascus, Saadallah al-Jaberi Square in Aleppo, the Governorate’s Square in Lattakia, the President Square in Hasaka, as well as in the squares of Deir Ezzor and along the corniche in Tartous to stress adherence to Syria’s sovereignty and independent national decision.

The jubilant Syrians, chanting pro-Assad songs, embracing President al-Assad’s pictures, waving national banners and Syrian Flags, took to the streets in rejection of the recent decisions by Arab League Council which are but flagrant violation of the Syrian independence and sovereignty.

Damascus – Saba Bahrat square : 26.01.2012.
Aleppo – Al-Jabre square : 26.01.2012…
Lattakia – 26.01.2012…

Millions of Syrians are Demonstrating in several Cities 26-01-2012.
Massive pro-government gathering to protest the Arab League Decisions against Syria.

Tens of thousands of Syrians gathered in support of president Bashar Al-Assad. The Syrians are gathering today to reject the Arab league calls on president Al-Assad to resign, to stress national unity and to reject terrorism.


Il popolo siriano è con Bashar Al-Assad.
Grandissime folle di persone presenti in una delle innumerevoli manifestazioni in supporto del Presidente Bashar contro i ratti ribelli mercenari NATO.

Syrians are with Bashad Al-Assad.
Huge Syrians demonstrations support of Syrian Leader President Bashar Al-Assad.
Allah, Souria, Bashar, wa bas.

Lattakia, Saba Bahrat Square (Damascus), Al-Jabri Square (Aleppo), Umayyad Square (Damscus), Lattakia, Sweida, AlSuwayda, Hama, Alraqqah, Tartous


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