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Syria: Another session of the UN Security Council (UNSC)

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meets again today. Of course, they still discuss how to be able to finally push through a resolution on Syria. The intentions of some Western and Arab countries are quite clear. Despite the objective and good Russian draft resolution, they are not able to accept, that both sides in Syria are to condemn.

The West and Arab countries also want to prevent that a resolution calls on the opposition forces to lay down their weapons and to stop all acts of sabotage and terrorism in Syria. It seems that way, but it does not look very democratic.

The draft resolution of Morocco, based on the new so-called Arab League (AL) “peace plan” for Syria, was still one-sided and its content missed some important facts about the real situation in Syria. This Moroccan draft resolution on Syria recalls us to the time just before the implementation of a horrible “No-Fly Zone” over Libya. The NATO war in Libya was (and is still) an act against civilians and against international law.
Now some Western and Arab governments want to obtain a one-sided and hypocritically resolution against Syria at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). The same governments who support the opposition forces within Syria with training, funds and weapons, are calling for an end of the violence in Syria. But they only accuse the Syrian government for the violence and bloodshed in this country of the Middle East.

This is a clear fact of a hypocritically policy. Not to mention that this support with weapons, funds and advice for armed groups of terrorists in a foreign country is against any international law. But looking at Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and so on… They do not care about their own laws if dubious interests are behind their questionable intentions.

As already noted, Russia will use its veto rights against this Western attempt of a one-sided resolution again. It is to predict and also was confirmed meanwhile by the Russian Foreign Minister. Also the Chinese government in Beijing will not change the stance on the topic Syria. China will, probably, also make use of their veto rights at the UN Security Council (UNSC) again.

This should lead to the fact, that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) will not adopt a resolution today. The veto of Russia and China should be enough to prevent a one-sided resolution which is also far away from a real solution for ending the violence and chaos in Syria.

Russia will only, as already stated here, agree to a resolution (to a draft resolution) on Syria when the draft is objective, not one-sided and a good solution to stop the violence. Russia knows what the West and some Arab countries want. Only if the truth of the situation in Syria will be within the content of a draft resolution, Russia will accept it.

Russia only accepts a draft resolution on Syria which condemns both sides and calls on the opposition forces to lay down their weapons and to stop any acts of terrorism and sabotage against the Syrian civilians and infrastructure. As you can find it within the Russian draft resolution on Syria, but the West is not pleased with the truth of this Russian draft resolution.

The West still holds on to their false propaganda and the goal to overthrow the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. A “regime change” by foreign powers. Nothing new somehow.

The observer mission of the Arab League (AL) was promptly suspended at the weekend. At the last weekend where another meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) already took place. The Arab League (AL) gave a reason for the suspension of their observer mission. The public reason is that the violence in Syria has increased enormously. Therefore they had to halt the observer mission.

The Western Media meanwhile had another wonderful story on Syria. The new assessment of the situation by the head of the Arab League (AL) observer mission, al-Dabi, was a great headline for Western media.

After the head of the observer mission was vehemently criticized about his positive assessment of the situation in Syria, his last words some days ago were a good headline for Western media. The statements of al-Dabi were better adapted to the dubious goals of the so-called Syrian opposition outside Syria. Of course, this was somehow in line with the image of the situation in Syria what Western media are trying to convey.

But to be honest, Western media seems to only pick the stories which they need. So they missed some other statements of the head of the observer mission, al-Dabi, on the situation in Syria and the intentions of the Syrian opposition, e.g. based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Here, the observer mission of the Arab League was not really considered as negative by all. For example, the so-called opposition outside Syria (“Syrian National Council” (SNC) = Transitional Council, Istanbul) were absolutely against the deployment of observers in Syria. They feared, and still fear, the truth.

The Syrian government in Damascus welcomed the Arab League (AL) observer mission as a way to bring more light into the darkness and that this mission could reflect the actual situation in the country. However, some (media, opposition, Western governments…) worked more against the observers than with them.

The Syrian government was cooperative. Prisoners were released and a more complete image of the situation was able to be created. Unfortunately, the Arab League (AL) buried the report of their observers. The report of these observers in Syria was not the report, which was suitable to the intentions of the Arab League (AL), mainly lead by Qatari interests.

The Arab League (AL) had no use for this updated report of their observers in Syria. The Arab League (AL) had no real interest for a report which also blames the level of violence on armed criminals and groups in various Syrian cities.

Nevertheless, the Arab League (AL) observer mission was not bad at all. As it turned out, the Syrian opposition outside Syria was not willing to negotiate and they have not met the demands from the Arab League (AL) observers. Also al-Dabi already confirmed this yesterday again.

For the suspension of the observer mission in Syria, there are really only two driving forces: either the Syrian government or the Arab League.

The decision to suspend the continued observation mission was definitely only of the Arab League, since the Syrian Government welcomed the mission again and has already agreed to the prolongation of the observer mission.

Within the Arab League (AL), Qatar and Kuwait have set themselves particularly on the top and are now known as the Arab League (AL) driving forces for the intentions on Syria. The new decisions of the Arab League (AL) are now not only influenced by peaceful and democratically interests.

Especially Qatar and Kuwait, but also Saudi Arabia, have a big interest in overthrowing the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. This should not be forgotten in all the condemnation of the Syrian government.

It is no real surprise, that more and more people are convinced, that the Qatari interests are the real reasons, why the report of the observer mission in Syria was flouted by the Arab League (AL). The Arab League (AL) buried their own report for dubious interests and a lot of questionable intentions.

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