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DAMASCUS, (SANA)_ The ongoing distortion, falsification and instigation media campaigns by some satellite channels are but to cover the crimes and aggressions of the armed terrorist groups in Syria, an information source underscored.

Some satellite channels earlier Saturday aired footage for a group of corpses with hands in chains claiming them to be killed by Army bombardment, while they in fact are the corpses of the innocent citizens kidnapped, tortured and slaughtered by the armed terrorist groups.

People of Homs Recognize Corpses of Their Relatives among the Victims of Armed Groups Aired by Satellite Channels

The corpses, in fetters, bear signs of torture and organized killing with no signs of artillery or mortar shells. Some Syrian citizens made calls to the Syrian TV asserting that they have seen in the footage of the corpses aired by Satellites of lies some of their relatives who were kidnapped earlier by armed terrorist groups.

Mrs. Thana al-Mohamad, a resident of Homs, said that she recognized two corpses of her relatives among those shown by fabrications satellites, who were kidnapped since 17 days in Homs Governorate.

Khalid al-Shalabi, another resident of Homs, said to Syrian TV, that some members of the armed terrorist groups are disguised in military uniforms shooting randolmly at the citizens of Homs.

Tens of innocent civilians were kidnapped by armed terrorist groups in different places inside Syria; many of them were tortured, raped and killed at the hands of the terrorists, supported by some countries like Qatar, Turkey, France and many others.

However, the TV satellites of lies and fabrications did not highlight the fact that had the killed were hit by mortars, as they claim, their bodies would have been turned into tiny pieces.

”The TV Satellites of instigation, partners with the armed terrorist groups and so-called the Istanbul council, have been launching a hysterical campaign of provocation and incitement to the shedding of the more of Syrian blood as to influence the stances of some countries at the UN Security Council,” added the source.

Some media outlets have launched  frenetic media campaigns against Syria   disseminating false information about Syria Army shelling of civilians in different Syrian Governorates, villages, quarters and cities.

Such campaigns are viewed by many observers and analysts as a sinister bid to negatively affect the ongoing UN Security Council discussions about Syria.

According to SANA correspondents in different Syrian Governorates life is normal in Damascus Country side, Hama, and Homs, where such media outlets, al-Arabyia- invented not only fabricated news but virtual correspondents on the ground.

Citizens of Homs: TV Channels Are Fabricating Pseudo-Massacre to Influence UNSC Resolutions against Syria

Having witnessed and experienced firsthand the crimes these provocative TV channels have contributed to committing though inciting the terrorists, citizens of Homs city considered that these channels are fabricating a pseudo- massacre in Homs to accuse the Syrian army to influence the UNSC resolutions against Syria.

They stressed that what happened last night was an order given to the armed terrorist groups by the so-called Istanbul Council and its head “the criminal Ghalioun” to kill the citizens in Homs and other areas and use their innocent blood in the Security Council’s lobbies.

In a phone call with the Syrian TV, Jihad Da’boul, a citizen from Karm Shamsham quarter, close to al-Khaledieyh neighborhood, said that over 300 gunmen with their weapons were operating last night in the area, as RPG missiles poured on the quarter causing 5 houses to burn completely. “The people were in a state of panic, particularly women and children.”

“It was like hell,” said a number of citizens from the neighborhoods Ikremah, al-Zahra and al-Muhajrin, still feeling the terror caused by last night, explaining how they were exposed to heavy gunfire, bombs and RPG and mortar attacks by armed terrorist groups.

Syrian Army Demanded to Enter Homs and Put End to the Crimes of Armed Groups

“Had the army been here, our houses wouldn’t have been shelled and those innocent people wouldn’t have been killed,” said Da’d Darwish from Ikremah neighborhood, sobbing with fear and anger.

The citizens called on the Syrian army to enter the city of Homs to protect them from the crimes of the armed terrorist groups that have been killing and abducting citizens and shelling the houses and neighborhoods.


Al-Ibrahim /H. Said – SANA – January 5, 2012

SyrianFreePress – January 6, 2012