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Two Children Martyred in Explosive Device Blast in Al Bukamal, Armed group massacres 8 persons from one family

Feb 05, 2012 – GOVERNORATES – Two children, Sabbar and Khaled al-Sabbar, were martyred when an explosive device planted by a terrorist group went off near al-Ma’arri High School in Al Bukamal.

SANA correspondent said that the father of the two children and their sibling were injured in the blast.

In Daraa, Chief Warrant Officer Malek al-Halabi and Conscript Omar Kerbaj were martyred by an armed group’s gunfire while they were heading to their workplace.

A law-enforcement member was martyred and 5 others injured when a booby-trapped car exploded at a law-enforcement forces’ checkpoint in Idleb on Sunday.

SANA correspondent quoted a source in Idleb as saying that a terrorist in a booby-trapped car targeted the law-enforcement forces at the southern Corniche in Idleb, killing one member and injuring five others.

Armed group massacres 8 persons from one family at Jboren, Colonel and two soldiers martyred in al-Rastan

An armed terrorist group today massacred  the family of al-Hilal at Jboren village to the west of Homs, killing 8 persons by bullets and sharp knives.

The martyrs are: Taleb, Ziab, Mohammad, Ahmad, Jaafar, Abbas, Yahya and Ali Hilal.

SANA reporter learned that the Army units intervened and clashed with the terrorists, killing all of them. The group was led by terrorist Asem Sweis.

Meanwhile, in al-Rastan, Colonel Samir Yousef Ahmad, two soldiers were martyred and four others wounded while clashing with an armed terrorist group.

SANA reporter learned that a number of the terrorists were killed, others injured during the clashes.

Terrorist Group Attacks Gas Pipeline Near Talbiseh in Homs

A terrorist group targeted a gas pipeline near Talbiseh in Homs governorate at 11 PM on Sunday, blowing it up with an explosive device, causing gas to leak in the area.

An official source at the Petroleum Ministry told SANA that the line which was attacked comes from Omar field which is affiliated with al-Furat petroleum company and heads to Mhardeh electric power plant.

The source said that gas pumping was halted as soon as the explosion took place and that repairs are underway and steps are being taken to resume pumping gas as soon as possible.

This very same line was targeted multiple times by terrorists using explosive deivce, cutting of gas from some electric power plants.

M. Ismael/ Mazen / H. Sabbagh – SANA – Feb 05, 2012

Supported by SyrianFreePress – February 6, 2012



Other two Children Martyred, a Third Wounded in Explosive Device Blast in Idleb

Feb 04, 2012 – GOVERNORATES – Two children were martyred, a third was wounded when an explosive device planted by an armed terrorist group went off in Kafar Takharim in the countryside of Idleb province on Friday.

A source from the province told SANA reporter that the explosive device was remotely detonated in the middle of Kafar Takharim city, killing Ahmad Bassam al-Bahri and Ahmad Abdul-Rahman Dweilati and wounding a third child who was taken to the National Hospital in Idleb.

The source said that the children are 12-14 years of age, adding that two other citizens were injured in the explosive device blast.

Authorities Seize Weapons, Ammo and Explosives During Pursuit of Terrorists in Damascus Countryside

The authorities on Friday seized firearms, ammunition and explosive devices while pursuing remnants of armed terrorist groups in Douma area in Damascus Countryside.

Confiscated weapons include a number of AK-47 rifles, a machineguns, hand grenades, magazines, large amounts of ammo, and a number of explosive devices set for remote detonation, each weighing 10 kilograms and containing shrapnel and metal fragments, in addition to materials used for making explosives.

Several cars used by terrorists in their attacks on citizens and law enforcement forces were also seized.

2 Law Enforcement Members Injured in Explosive Device Blast in Hama, Diesel Tanker Seized by Terrorists

Meanwhile in Hama province, two law enforcement members were injured in a blast of an explosive device planted by an armed terrorist group in al-Furussiyeh roundabout.

In the same context, the military engineering units dismantled two explosive devices prepared to explode by a remote control in housing areas to the west of the plant nursery and to the south of the stadium in the city of Hama.

An armed terrorist group burglarized a diesel tanker in Amourin village in Hama countryside.

SANA reporter said that the tanker was heading to a gas station in al-Sqeilbiyeh city.

8 Terrorists Killed, Officer Martyred in Clashes with Terrorists

An armed terrorist group attacked on Friday the border guards command headquarter in al-Dar al-Kabira village in Homs countryside. 3 terrorists were killed in the attack and others were injured.

SANA correspondent said that Colonel Ayman Muhammad al-Ali was martyred in the attack and one of the guards was injured.

In al-Lajj in Homs countryside, competent authorities clashed with an armed group, killing five terrorists and injuring many others. 4 law-enforcement members were injured.

In Daraa countryside, a land mine planted by a terrorist group exploded near the wall of Jassem elementary school which caused the wall to collapse. Another mine primed to explode was discovered in the same area.

In Nawa, five military personnel and a lawyer were injured by terrorists’ gunfire. SANA correspondent said that lawyer Jamal Abu Zattan was injured when an armed group opened fire on the military personnel as he was passing nearby.

Terrorist Groups Rob Quarry in Palmyra, Steal 8 Tons of Fertilizer in Zabadani

An armed terrorist group stole two bulldozers, a generator and a car from Abu al-Fawares quarry owned by Ministry of Oil in Palmyra.

SANA correspondent said that the terrorist group vandalized the quarry

In Zabadani, Damascus countryside, an armed terrorist group stole 8 tons of fertilizer from the agricultural bank in the city for using it in manufacturing explosive devices. The terrorist group also stole the car of the bank’s manager.

H. Said /M. Ismael / H. Sabbagh – SANA – Feb 04, 2012

Supported by SyrianFreePress – February 6, 2012



12 Security Members Martyred in Homs Countryside and Idleb

Feb 05, 2012 – GOVERNORATES – Eight security members were martyred and many terrorists were killed or injured in a clash on Saturday with an armed terrorist group that attacked a security post in Palmyra, Homs countryside.

In al-Husn in Homs countryside, 3 law-enforcement members were martyred by gunfire when an armed group attacked a police station in the town.

Meanwhile, members of military engineering units in Homs dismantled 4 explosive devices planted by armed terrorist groups in al-Dab’eh area in al-Qseir city in Homs countryside.

A source in the province told SANA correspondent that the four explosive devices were attached to each other and set to be remotely detonated. Each explosive device weighs around 10 kg.

The source added that the military engineering members dismantled last night an explosive device weighing 15 kg planted by an armed terrorist group in the same area.

Sergeant Martyred in Idleb

Sergeant Wasim Kheileh from the law-enforcement forces was martyred and two other members were wounded in an attack by an armed terrorist group on the Eastern Division’s police station in Idleb.

An official source told SANA correspondent that the law enforcement members confronted the attackers killing a number of them.

Authorities Uncover Two Workshops for Manufacturing Explosives in Damascus Countryside

During the pursuit of remnants of armed terrorist groups in Damascus Countryside, the authorities uncovered two workshops used for manufacturing explosive devices in the fields of Brzeh and al-Shefouniyeh area.

In Barzeh, the authorities confiscated dozens of explosives devices, each weighting around 20 kilograms, in addition to large amounts of materials used for making explosives such as ammonium nitrates, sulfur and wires.

In al-Shefouniyeh area, the authorities confiscated a number of explosive devices of various shapes and sizes, along with explosive materials such as dynamite and amounts of buckshot, nails and screws used in explosives.

In Lattakia, the authorities confiscated a number of explosive devices planted by armed terrorist groups and set to explode in the midst of a crowded residential areas. Locals had contacted the authorities who dismantled the explosives.

SANA – Feb 05, 2012

Supported by SyrianFreePress – February 6, 2012



Sabotage Groups Attack Syria’s Embassies in Cairo, Kuwait, Amman, Athens, London, Tripoli and Australia

Feb 05, 2012 – CAPITALS – A group of saboteurs affiliated to the so-called Istanbul Council on Saturday dawn attacked the Syrian Embassy in Cairo, destroyed, burnt and stole the embassy’s contents.

The Information Office at the Embassy said that the sabotage group exploited the weak security protection provided by the Egyptian forces to the Embassy to commit its crime.

It added that the attack resulted in great damages to the contents and consulate documents inside the building.

Egyptian citizens who live in the neighborhood stressed that the saboteurs were carrying gasoline containers, firearms and sharp instruments.

Last Friday, another sabotage group stormed the Syrian Embassy but no measures have been taken by the Egyptian authorities.

In Kuwait, a group of saboteurs stormed the Syrian Embassy in the country, destroyed its contents and attacked the resident employees of the Embassy.

SANA correspondent said that the Kuwaiti security forces imposed a security cordon around the Embassy and seized the identity cards of people there.

Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry Expresses Condemnation of the Attack on Syria’s Embassy

The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry expressed in a statement regret and condemnation of the attack on the Syrian Embassy in Kuwait.

The statement said that this act “constitutes a transgression of the country’s laws and legislations and a flagrant violation of the international norms and conventions.”

Kuwait’s Interior Ministry earlier expressed in a statement regret over the attack, considering it “a violation of the country’s legislations and laws and of the international agreements and conventions that protect the embassies’ headquarters and the diplomatic missions’ members that shouldn’t be exposed to any threats or such acts of sabotage.”

Earlier, Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, Sheikh Ahmad al-Hamoud al-Sabah visited the headquarters of the attacked Syrian Embassy and gave is directives to enforce law and prevent disorder.

Syrian Embassy in Kuwait Describes the Attack as “Coward”, Calls on Kuwaiti Authorities to Protect Syrian Mission

The Syrian Embassy in Kuwait described the attack on its headquarters as “coward” and “incompatible with the calls for freedom, democracy and the peacefulness of demonstrations they claim.”

A statement by Embassy said that its headquarters and the residence came on Saturday morning under a vicious attack by a group of hundred saboteurs who stormed into the residence and the mission’s offices, smashed the Embassy’s doors and wreaked havoc in the offices’ contents and the documents of the official mission.

“While trying to prevent the saboteurs from breaking into the residence, a major and a member from the Kuwaiti security forces got injured,” the statement pointed out, adding this “coward attack contradicts the rules and laws followed in the brotherly country of Kuwait.

The Syrian Embassy expressed strong condemnation and denunciation of this criminal aggression against an official headquarters that provides service to all members of the Syrian community in Kuwait.

The statement called on the brotherly Kuwaiti authorities to assume their responsibilities in protecting the security and safety of the Syrian diplomatic mission and holding the attackers accountable according to Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

Syrian Embassy in London: Attack on Embassy Coincided with Material Broadcast by al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya and Istanbul Council Statements

The Syrian Embassy in London said that the attack on the Embassy which took place on Saturday morning coincided with material broadcast by al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya channels and the statements of Istanbul Council member Samir Nashar that there are intentions to break into Syrian embassies across the world.

In a statement, the Embassy said that three saboteurs broke into the front balcony of the Embassy’s first floor and entered the main building, breaking front windows, damaging furniture and equipment in two offices, and spraying paint on the Embassy’s facade.

The statement added that a group of extremists started hostile demonstrations in front of the Embassy later while its staff was present and tried to break in, but the British police managed to stop them.

Syrian Embassies in Jordan, Greece and Libya Attacked

Meanwhile, another sabotage group affiliated to the so-called Istanbul council tried to break into the headquarters of the Syrian Embassy in the Jordanian capital, Amman, amid intensive Jordanian security presence which foiled their attempt.

The Syrian Embassy in the Greek capital of Athens was also stormed by a group of saboteurs early Saturday morning.

The outer fence of the embassy was attacked and the consular section was vandalized.

The Greek security forces said they arrested 14 of the saboteurs while others fled away, pointing out that some of those arrested are not Syrians but from other nationalities.

In the Libyan capital of Tripoli, saboteurs affiliated with Istanbul Council broke into the Syrian Embassy, taking advantage of the weekend and breaking the locks on the exterior and interior doors, seizing the embassy and destroying its contents.

Syrian Embassy in Australia Attacked

In Canberra, a subversive group attacked the Syria Embassy and smashed the main doors and windows.

The saboteurs stormed into the office of the mission’s head and consular offices, smashed the glass and the employees offices and stole official documents and a computer.

SANA – Feb 05, 2012

Supported by SyrianFreePress – February 6, 2012