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Asma al-Assad, a Real Firs Lady, the Best First Lady

The Syrian president’s wife, Asma al-Assad, spoke for the 1st time since the events in Syria began 11months ago.

She did so in an e-mail sent to the Times, in support of her husband. “The president is the president of Syria, not of a fraction of Syrians, and the ‘first lady’ supports him in this role “, wrote Asma.

British-born Asma Assad is also believed to have said she was encouraging dialogue over the crisis gripping Syria, and that she was comforting the bereaved..

The email is said to have continued: “The First Lady’s very busy agenda is still focused on supporting the various charities she has long been involved with and rural development as well as supporting the President as needed.

“These days she is equally involved in bridging gaps and encouraging dialogue. She listens to and comforts the families of the victims of the violence.”



SyrianFreePress – 13/2/2012