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DAMASCUS, (SANA) – President Bashar al-Assad and Mrs. Asma al-Assad on Sunday voted on the draft of the new constitution for the Syrian Arab Republic at the TV and Radio Center in Damascus.

President al-Assad hailed, in a statement following the voting, the great efforts exerted by the Syrian media, highlighting the progress made by the Syrian television and the Syrian media in general.

“However, comparisons always come up in which the Syrian media, which is mainly the official media, is being compared to the non-official media in other countries,” said the President, dismissing this comparison as “inaccurate, non-objective and not possible.”

President al-Assad said official media should be compared to official media in other countries since the goals and tasks of official media are different from those of private media.

“If we compare the Syrian official media now to its counterparts in the region, I believe it is the best,” the President stressed, adding that “nonetheless, we are not interested in comparing ourselves to those who are less, and we will keep comparing ourselves to those who are better.”

President al-Assad emphasized that the attack Syria is facing is a media attack. “However,” the President continued, “media, notwithstanding its importance, doesn’t outdo the reality. They may be stronger in space, but we are stronger on the ground. Still, we want to win on the ground and in the space.”






R. Raslan/H. Said  – SANA – 26 FEB 2012
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Huge Crowds in Saba Bahrat Square to Support Reforms and Constitutional Referendum


Huge crowds of citizens on Sunday streamed into Saba Bahrat Square in Damascus in expression of support to the comprehensive reform process and the referendum on the new constitution for the Syrian Arab Republic.

The participants underlined their support to the comprehensive reform program and to the voting on the new Constitution, hailing the Syrian Arab Army’s role in fighting the armed terrorist groups that kill innocents.

They rejected the foreign interventions in Syria’s domestic affairs and the decisions of “Syria enemies’ Conference” held lately in Tunis.

Alexander Doglen, Head of Russian Eurasia Institution stressed his country’s support to the reforms adopted by the Syrian government and represented by the referendum on the new draft constitution.

Islamic scholar Abdul-Rahman Ali al-Dalaa said that the draft constitution boosts the concept of the human dignity, guarantees freedoms in practicing religious rituals and offers the freedom of belief.

For his part, Sheikh of BouSraya clan in Der Ezzor, Ahmad Shlash hailed the stances of the Tunisian honest people against “Syrian enemies’ Conference”, adding that all Arab tribes stand by the reform process and the new constitution.

Meanwhile, Sweida youth Eagles Group organized a tent of Homeland at Hafez al-Assad square in the southern Sweida city, expressing their support to the new draft constitution that comes within the comprehensive reform process.

“The Group youths gathered in the tent to join the Syrian people on this historic day… referendum is part of democracy and an indication to the freedom of expression,” Alaa Hamza said.

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