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DAMASCUS – Syrian competent Authorities have discovered Tuesday a terrorist hideout used by terrorist at a farm in al-Shoufiniah, Douma, Damascus Countryside.

SANA reporter quoted the authorities as saying that huge amounts of weapons, field hospital and medical materials were uncovered during the operation.

Among the weapons confiscated were 6 Kalashnikov rifles, 2 RPG launchers, 3 snipers, a Turkish pump action shotgun, 2 Turkish guns, snipers’ silencers, explosive charges, and tens of RPG shells, fire cartridges, communication tools and cameras.

Authorities Prevent Terrorists from Entering Syria from Lebanon

The authorities prevented an armed terrorist group from entering Syria through the Oyoun al-Shara-Halat crossing point in Telkalakh countryside on the Syrian-Lebanese borders.

An official source told SANA’s correspondent that three members of the terrorist group were killed and others were injured, while one member of law-enforcement forces was wounded and taken to al-Bassel Hospital in Tartous for treatment.

Earlier on Monday, the authorities prevented an armed terrorist group from entering Syria from Jordan in Tel Shihab area in Daraa countryside.

Four Explosive Devices Dismantled in Idleb Countryside

Engineering units dismantled four explosive devices planted by terrorists at the Maarshouren town crossroads east of al-Maara, Idleb countryside.

An informed source at Idleb governorate told SANA’s correspondent that each explosive device is rigged for remote detonation and has a yield of 50 kilograms. 

H. Sabbagh / Al-Ibrahim

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