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NEW DELHI – The Founder of All India Intellectual Peace Academy Asif Ahmad Khan stressed that some European media and news channels broadcast false news on Syria, describing this act as “harmful and disgraceful”.

In a message to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Khan said that the Indian delegation visited Syria, especially the cities of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and Lattakia, and stressed that people are living a normal life with the employees going to their workplaces and students going to their schools and faculties as usual.

He added that the delegation felt the fraternity, integration and solidarity among the people in the Syrian cities they visited.

Khan called upon the UN Secretary General for directing the European electronic and print media not to create tension for no reason.

In the same context, Journalist Neelabh Mishra, who visited Syria recently, said in an article in the Indian Outlook newspaper that the reality in Syria belied what has been circulated by some diplomatic parties and western media which kept describing the situation as “complicated”.

He said that India’s correct stance at the UN Security Council towards Syria was based on ground-based observations provided by the Indian Embassy in Damascus, noting that this stance was welcomed by wide spectrums of people throughout the Syrian cities.

The journalist talked about the mass rallies in support of President Bashar al-Assad, calling upon the West to be aware of this issue and avoid creating chaos in Syria.

Mishra hailed the good hospitality and kindness of the Syrian people, describing the majority of the opposition as “extremists backed by radical Arab parties”.

He stressed that Syria needs to be encouraged for reform, and that there is no need for foreign interference in Syria.

R. Raslan/H. Said

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