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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin hopes that the ‘Libyan scenario’ will not be implemented in Syria and that Western countries led by the United States will not circumvent the United Nations Security Council by launching a military operation in this country.

“I am very hopeful that the U.S. and other countries will take account of the sad experience and will not attempt to employ a military scenario in Syria without a UN SC sanction,” Putin wrote in his article, “Russia and a changing world” published in the Moskovskiye Novosti newspaper on Monday.

“Taught by bitter experience, we are against such UN SC resolution which would be interpreted as a signal to military intervention in the internal Syrian processes. It is this principled approach that Russia and China were guided by in preventing in early February the passage of a resolution that would be read unequivocally, but in practice would encourage violence by one of the parties to the internal conflict,” Putin said.

“Due to this, given the extremely acute, nearly hysterical reaction to the Russian-Chinese veto, I would like to warn our Western colleagues against the temptation to resort to the unsophisticated scheme used earlier: if there is an UN Security Council approval of any particular action, it is good; if there is no such approval, we shall set up a coalition of concerned states. And we shall strike,” the Russian prime minister said.

“The very logic of such behavior is counterproductive and quite dangerous,” he said. “It will not lead to anything good. In any case, it will not help resolve the situation in the country experiencing a conflict. Worse, it will cause further imbalance in the entire international security system and undermine the UN’s authority and central role. I will recall that the veto right is not a whim but an integral part of the world order, which, as a matter of fact, was enshrined in the UN Charter at the insistence of the U.S. The point of this right is that decisions opposed by at least one Permanent Member of the UN Security Council cannot be valid and efficient,” Putin said.

“Any attempts to try to implement the ‘Lybian scenario’ in Syria must be prevented,” he said

“Actually, I cannot understand where this belligerent itch is coming from, why there is not enough patience in working out a verified and balanced collective approach, given that in the case of the aforesaid draft of the Syrian resolution it was already beginning to show outlines. The only thing that had to be done was to demand the same thing from the opposition that was demanded from the government, in particular, to withdraw forces and squads from cities. The refusal to do so is cynical. If we want to provide safety for civilians – and for Russia this is a priority – it is necessary to convince all parties to the armed standoff,” the Russian prime minister said.

Published by Interfax

Posted by Ryuzakero, 1 March 201

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