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DAMASCUS – 6 Mar 2012 – Minister of Information Adnan Mahmoud on Tuesday said that the foreign plot that targets Syria aims at dividing the Arab region and disconnecting factors of its power, as well as weakening Syria’s pan-Arab role.

” We rely on the political, intellectual elite, popular and civil bodies to broaden the basis of awareness of what is happening in Syria and the attempts of foreign projects to liquidate resistance and impose hegemony on our people’s capabilities,” Minister Mahmoud said during a meeting with a Tunisian delegation comprising different media and cultural activities.

He held some regional and Arab countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey who host the armed terrorist groups, fund them with money and supply them with weapons,  responsible, morally and legally, for the Syrian bloodshed.

Minister Mahmoud underlined that Syria’s strategic power lies in the awareness of its people of conspiracies, their commitment to national dialogue and support to the comprehensive reform program .

Members of the Tunisian delegation appreciated Syria’s steadfastness in the face of plots which target its national and pan-Arab role.

Minister Mahmoud: US Decision on Sanctions against SATRBC Hostile, Reflects One-Sided View, Exposes Allegations on Media Freedom

Minister Mahmoud today described the U.S. decision on imposing sanctions against the Syrian Arab Television and Radio Broadcasting Commission (SATRBC) as a hostile procedure.

” Imposing sanctions on a national media institution, which expresses the voice of the Syrian people and their interests and aspirations, an institution that practices its role objectively and fulfils its duty in exposing the hectic media campaign against Syria in the framework of the foreign scheme hatched against it through supporting terrorism, is a hostile procedure taken by the U.S. Administration,” the Minister said.

In a statement, Mahmoud underlined that the decision reflects a unilateral US vision, which is linked to predetermined political agendas contradicting ethical and professional media standards , adding ” this act will not discourage us from continuing our noble work to serve all Syrians and broaden popular dialogue and interaction to push national reform forward.”

Minister Mahmoud pointed out that the US proves once again through this procedure the falsity of its allegations of supporting media freedoms and respecting freedom of expression, as it emphasizes that these principles championed by the western countries are nothing but a cover for their practices to implement their agendas and reflect the US support to terrorism against the Syrian people and institutions.

“The timing of the sanctions coincides with the successful experience of our national media in following up with political and media pluralism, as it succeeded in attracting the public opinion,” he noted.

” We present this procedure against STARBC for the consideration of pro-democracy , media freedom and freedom of expression supporters in the USA , Europe and the whole world and we wonder about their stance with regards to the US hostile decision,” the Information Minister concluded.

Syrian Journalists Union Denounces US Sanctions Against SATRBC

In a statement issued on Monday, the Syrian Journalists Union denounced the hostile decision by the US Treasury Department of imposing sanctions on the SATRBC.

The statement said that this step contradicts the US allegations of defending freedom of expression and violates international agreements, UN resolutions, human rights laws and the most basic principles of freedom of press.

The Union called on the Federation of Arab Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists to assume their responsibilities and confront the malicious procedures of the US and the west, affirming that such steps will not prevent Syrian journalists from fulfilling their duties.

On a relevant note, the Chairman of the Syrian Journalists Union sent a letter to the Chairman of the International Federation of Journalists discussing the illegal entry of foreign journalists to Syria, pointing out that reports prove that these journalists were smuggled into Syria by members of armed terrorist groups.

The letter pointed out that this issue was never condemned or denounced by the US, French and British governments nor any journalism or law organization, adding that the Syrian government permitted more than 200 media and journalism delegations to enter Syria and applications are still being sent, yet some establishment insist on sneaking reporters into some areas in clear violation of international law.

The letter said that Syrian journalists have been murdered or abducted by armed terrorist groups with the fate of several of them remaining unknown, and that journalism and media establishments suffered attacks by terrorism.

The letter concluded by affirming that the Syrian authorities and the Journalists Union welcome any visits by foreign media to Syria as long as they are done properly.

R. Milhem / H. Sabbagh/ Mazen


at https://syrianfreepress.wordpress.com/2012/03/06/minister-mahmoud-us-decision-on-sanctions-against-satrbc-hostile-reflects-one-sided-view-exposes-allegations-on-media-freedom/


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