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Al-Jazeera Correspondent in Beirut Resigns over Biased Coverage of Syrian File

BEIRUT – Mar 07, 2012 – Upset with its provocation and bias, Aljazeera correspondent in Beirut Ali Hashem has resigned his position from the Qatari channel, according to the Lebanese Newspaper of al-Akhbar.

The Newspaper said that Mr. Hashem resigned his work as a correspondent for Aljazeera in Beirut against a backdrop of its coverage of the Syrian file, that is based on fabrications and falsity.

“Hashem’s reservations on Aljazeera are clear and known …they are no longer a secret, you can go back to the e-mails he sent to his colleague Rola Ibrahim to know about his stance since Ali sent the photos of militants and their clashes with the Syrian army in Wadi Khaled in Lebanon, as the channel abstained from airing them,” al-Akhbar quoted an informed source in al-Jazeera as saying.

The Syrian e-Army leaked correspondence between Hashem and Ibrahim, a news reader in the Qatari channel, via e-mail where the latter said that she “recanted the revolution” describing it as a branch of Qaeda and it would destroy the country.

Hashem was, as many colleagues of his, upset with the flagrant bias of the channel in dealing with the Syrian file, said the source, stressing that Aljazeera handled the correspondence leak smartly by neglecting the whole issue in order not to promote for it due to its weak stance.

The source added another reason which made Hashem get annoyed with the channel, saying that the Lebanese correspondent, currently present in Tehran, had made his objections clear to several officials at the channel and has always been keen “that Aljazeera take into consideration that the Syrian regime is the main supporter of the resistance and provoking against it means hitting the resistance, and what made thing worse is the coincidence of the Syrian events with those in Bahrain, where silence has been the main headline in media coverage there in a time when we saw and still see pictures of people being slaughtered by a Gulf killing machine.”

Restlessness is not limited to Hashem but also to some of Aljazeera staff at its offices in Tunis, Egypt, Libya and Bahrain, for many of those do not accept the bias to the armed groups in Syria anymore, specially that the field reporters see the reality firsthand, the source noted, referring to a division among the workers at the news channel.

It seems that Hashem, having thought himself able to effect some change and later was proved wrong, was left with only one choice, that is of resignation, which was the case of most of those who objected the policy of the channel only to end up quitting their job, said the source.

Aljazeera channel has witnessed a series of resignations among a number of its newscasters and reporters in objection to the instigative policy the channel has adopted against Syria and the region’s issues.

Producer of the channel’s office in Beirut, Moussa Ahmad, announced his resignation last Thursday “because there is no longer a room for moderates in the channel after it has turned into an instigative political and media tool to target Syria with all legitimate and illegitimate means.”

He cited the complete media blackout on the referendum on the new constitution for Syria in opposition to the highlight on Baba Amr neighborhood as an example of Aljazeera’s biased coverage of the Syrian issue.

The resignation of Ghassan bin Jeddo, former director of Aljazeera office in Beirut, came as a landmark after the Qatari channel “has changed into an operation room for provocation and mobilization” against Syria and other Arab countries, saying that he is not ready to be “a false witness”.

Following bin Jeddo’s resignation, presenter and journalist Sami Kleib, known for his professionalism and affiliation to the resistance issue in the world, officially suspended his cooperation with Aljazeera last July after several months’ absence.

For her part, the resigned Lina Zahr-Eddin, criticized the channel’s coverage of the events in Syria, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen, wondering at how a channel the size of Aljazeera could not certify the identity of eyewitness before giving them voice or the accurateness of a photo before screening it.

Zahr-Eddin, who resigned two years ago along with three of her colleagues, said that “the outer image of Aljazeera is different from its reality”, stressing that she would have followed in bin Jeddo’s footsteps had she still been working for Aljazeera till now because the channel’s new policy does not suit its convictions.

R. Milhem / H. Said


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