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Terrorists killed, Others Arrested in Homs and Idleb Countryside

Homs / Idleb – The competent authorities on Thursday seized a car loaded with a big quantity of different weapons, some of them of an Israeli-made, on Homs international highway.

SANA reporter in Homs quoted a source as saying that the weapons included four RPGs, five Israeli-made mortars, three anti-tank missiles, snipers and rifles.

The authorities clashed with an armed terrorist group between the villages of Kfar Nobl and Hazazin in Jabal al-Zaweih, Idleb, killing a number of terrorists and arresting several others.

A source in Idleb told SANA reporter that the authorities arrested terrorists Abdul-Majid al-Numan, Mo’taz Ghazi al-Jadou, Ahmad al-Nanaa and Alaa Mohammad Saloum.

Weapons of the terrorists were confiscated that included Russian rifles, RPGs, communication wireless sets and military uniforms.

At Maarat al-Numan, the authorities clashed with another terrorist group that was attacking civilians, killing 3 of the armed men and wounding others.

Security members also restored 14 private and public cars that were stolen by the armed groups.

Mazen – Mar 16, 2012


Text by SANA – 16/3/2012

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