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ALEPPO – Mar 19, 2012 – A law enforcement member and a woman were martyred, 30 civilians and law-enforcement members were injured on Sunday when an armed terrorist group detonated a booby-trapped car while the authorities were dragging it out of a residential area in al-Suleimaniyeh neighborhood in Aleppo province.

The explosion took place near the Latin Church and two preliminary and preparatory schools in the abovementioned neighborhood.

 A source in the province told SANA correspondent that the explosion resulted in the martyrdom of a law-enforcement member and a woman, while 30 civilians and law-enforcement members were injured, two of them are in a critical condition.

The source said the explosion caused the destruction of a residential building’s facade and huge material damage to the adjacent buildings.


Aleppo Governor Muwaffak Khallouf said the booby-trapped car was a black Geely with a fake license plate, and that it was parked in the middle of the neighborhood and was detonated when the authorities were attempting to remove it from the area.

Father George Abu Khazem, a local, said that the explosion happened after more than 50 children left al-Ram School of the Holy Land Convent, saying that divine intervention saved the children from being massacred.

Harut Donoyan, owner of one of the damaged houses, said that this bombing aims at destabilizing Syria’s social structure, and that those behind it will fail to achieve their goals because the Syrians are aware of the conspiracy.

In turn, Sona Tarrab, whose house was also damaged in the explosion, said that such barbaric crimes target the psychological and social stability to which Syrians have been accustomed for decades.


Ibrahim Hamidi, one of those injured in the explosion, said that such attacks will only make Syrians and more determined to defend their country’s security and stability.

Bernadette Naisi, who was also injured and whose home was damaged, said that those who carry out such crimes are merciless and part of the campaign led by some Arab regimes that are calling for arming those who commit crimes against Syria.

For his part, Mansour Mansour, one of the injured, said that this cowardly act reflects the frustration of terrorists and those who support them.

Director of al-Razi Hospital Dr. Samir Bebi said that the conditions of the wounded are currently stable, and that most of them suffer from broken bones, contusions and various wounds, affirming that cases are being evaluated according to severity and treated accordingly.





Text by R. Raslan/H. Said / H. Sabbagh
SyrianArabNewsAgency – 19/3/2012

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