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Children Martyred, Abducted Citizens Murdered, Law Enforcement Members Injured, Weapons Confiscated



PROVINCES, (SANA)-Child Yahya Abdul-Alem al-Ghantawi and his brother Bilal were martyred Wednesday when an armed terrorist group attacked a minicab at al-Qusur neighborhood in Homs.

A source at the Military Hospital in Homs told SANA reporter that the attack also led to the injuring of three citizens, among them the driver as they were immediately admitted to the hospital.

Also in Homs, armed terrorist groups committed a new massacre, brutally murdering a number of citizens who had been abducted earlier.

After committing massacres, these groups resort to filming the bodies of their victims and sending the footage to certain channels that exploit it to fuel their campaign against Syria and frame law-enforcement forces.

Families of other abductees whose whereabouts are still unknown voiced worry over the fates of their children, fearing that they might end up like the abductees that were murdered and mutilated.

Three law enforcement members injured by explosive device in Daraa

Three law enforcement members were injured by an explosive device planted by an armed terrorist group on Daraa-al-Sad road.

SANA reporter quoted a source as saying that members of the military engineering unit dismantled a 15-KG explosive planted by an armed terrorist group at the northern entrance of Dael town.

The authorities on Wednesday morning found the body of female citizen Wissal Salti al-Zu’bi, 40, hit by a bullet, on al-Mizerib-Tafas road.

Authorities Confiscate Weapons, Raid Workshop for Manufacturing Explosives in Hama

The authorities confiscated a large amount of weapons and ammo, some of them Israeli-made, and raided a workshop used for manufacturing explosives in al-Hamidiye neighborhood in Hama city.

An official source said that during their pursuit of armed terrorist groups in al-Hamidiye neighborhood, the authorities confiscated assault rifles, pump-action shotguns, machineguns, RPG launchers and rounds, and ammunition, along with offensive and defensive grenades, some of them Israeli-made.

The authorities also recovered private and state-owned vehicles which the terrorist stole and used them to commit their crimes.

In the same neighborhood, the authorities raided a house which terrorists used as a workshop to manufacture explosive devices. Upon their discovery, the terrorists detonated explosive charges in this workshop.

Mazen / H. Sabbagh – SANA – Mar 22, 2012

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