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When the Sheppard is absent, the herd feels free.

This is the case of Duma’s protesters. Duma is a city in Damascus countryside.
The big animal Burhan Ghalioun called on his herds to protest after the withdraw of the army, and they did as you will see in this video.
The Syrian government withdrew the army from the cities, which was an opportunity for the Syrian opposition and the herds that support this opposition to escalate the violence and commit new murders.

Today 12.04.2012 the Syrian government withdrew the army from the cities. So Let us see what happened after the withdrawal and make some statistics of today’s events:

SHAM FM Radio – Correspondent in Aleppo:
Terrorists detonated an explosive charge targeting a bus carrying a number of military personnel near “Al-Naerab” bridge at the road to the airport.
A Lieutenant colonel engineer martyred, and 25 other military personnel injured, 2 of them severely.

Shukumaku News Website – Aleppo
Terrorists assassinated the civilian “Ziad Ismael” as he was on his way home.

Addounia TV – Idleb:
Terrorists assaulted a number of families in the countryside of “Jisr Al-Shogour” and burned their homes after the withdrawal of the Syrian army.
Many of these families just arrived in the city of Lattakia.

Shukumaku News Website – Deir Ezzor:
A law enforcement personnel martyred after being shot by the opposition’s terrorists.

SHAM FM Radio – Damascus Countryside
The Syrian opposition’s terrorists assassinated a brigadier general in his home in the city of “Jaramana”

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