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DAMASCUS – April 17, 2012 – The Syrian armed forces on Tuesday celebrated the 66th anniversary of the Independence Day, the evacuation of the French colonization from Syria.

Athlete activities, oratorical festivals held on the occasion. Speeches made by the leaders of the military formations stressed that Syria’s enemies thought that, by arming and funding the armed terrorist groups and practicing misleading media campaigns, they can move forward in implementing the Western colonial scheme.

In their speeches, the leaders also stressed that Syria will not allow what had occurred during the presence of the Arab monitors, when the armed terrorist groups exploited the mission and reorganized and rearmed its terrorists who committed crimes against civilians and public and private properties.

They vowed to be always the loyal soldiers to the values of the Independence through confronting the schemes and plots made by Syria’s enemies.

M. Nassr/ Ghossoun 17/4/2012 – SANA

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