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UN-Arab League envoy to Syria Kofi Annan is due to arrive in the Syrian capital, Damascus, following the recent deadly clashes between security forces and armed gangs in the western town of Houla.



A Syrian official said on condition of anonymity that Annan will arrive in Damascus on Monday and will meet Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem.

“Then he will be received by President [Bashar] Assad on Tuesday.”

Annan had visited Damascus and met with the Syrian president and other senior officials in March.

The Monday visit by the former UN chief comes three days after deadly clashes broke out on May 25 between Syrian forces and armed groups in Houla, located in the central province of Homs and about 32 kilometers (20 miles) northwest of the provincial capital city of Homs.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Taleb Ibrahim, a political analyst in Damascus, to shed more light on the issue.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.



Press TV: I would like to ask you about statements made just recently by the Russian foreign minister. He has said that he has doubts about those people who are asking for Assad to go. In context of this Houla massacre, how do you assess the fact that many countries have immediately blamed President Assad?

Ibrahim: Of course, we have real evidences that there is a third party who is very active on Syrian territories. This third party is not from the opposition and of course is not from the Syrian government.

This party wants to undermine Kofi Annan plan and to make anything to prevent any political resolution for the crisis in Syria.

I accuse directly Turkish intelligence and the Saudi intelligence and Qatari intelligence. And we have real evidences now that the Blackwater Company is working in Syrian territories.

Here now I will mention what the Egyptian writer Mohamed Hassanein Heikal said a few days ago. He said that he has information that about 6 thousand members of Blackwater are working in the Syrian territories.

This massacre came very soon before Kofi Annan came to Damascus and this is not in benefit of the Syrian government for political reasons to make such a massacre.

Secondly, the kind of wounded people and the kind of killing people, they are killed by shooting directly on their heads and this indicates that they were not killed by bombing, by artillery or by tanks, etc.

So we are sure that some militant groups came to the city of al-Houla and near the bridge of [Teldow] and killed all the people there. Another massacre was done in another village named Al-Shomaria more than 50 people were killed but the media did not focus on them. Now some people want to drive or to push the Syrian crisis towards a sectarian war.

Press TV: Mr. Ibrahim, I want to be very clear about this. You mentioned that a third party there. What exactly is this third party’s mission? You said that one of their missions is to undermine the peace plan. What is their exact goal, then?

Ibrahim: The goal of the third party, as I have mentioned, is that they want to change the crisis from the crisis between the government and the opposition to be an inter-social crisis between different sects and between different religions.

I believe that they want, very frankly, a sectarian war in Syria, like what had happened in Lebanon and like what had happened in Iraq. They want a civil war because by civil war, they will be able to divide Syria into four states and this is the Zionist project.

We know that very well and we know that Mrs. Condoleezza Rice’s plan to the ‘creative [chaos]’ in the Middle East. All of these wars and all of what are happening in Syria are running towards this target, the security of Israel and some regional agenda from Saudi Arabia, from Qatar and from NATO and from the United States.

Press TV: Then do you believe that this plan of this third party will be successful in dividing Syria?

Ibrahim: No, but of course w will see more and more violence; we will see more and more victims and martyrs in the Syrian territories. I am very sure and I have a great confidence in the wisdom of Syrian population and the wisdom of the leadership.

And somehow in spite of all of these massacres and in spite of all obvious tragedies which we are witnessing every day, I am optimistic about the future of Syria and the Syrian very well-educated people. And at the end, they will know the truth and everybody in Syria wants the state to be united; everybody in Syria knows the real enemy of the Syrian people and the Syrians say it is Israel.

Of course all of these tensions should be removed and I think that, as a Syrian, we must sit together and we must talk together and we must mood everything to find a way to get rid of this crisis because this is a crisis. Indeed, it is not internal crisis.

This is a war against the state, against the army of Syria. So we must stop all their goals. I think that, at the end, they want to put the country, if they are able to win an this plan of the third party will succeed, they will try to put the state of Syria under chapter 7 of the United Nations and this would be an introduction to occupy Syria like what had happened in Iraq.

In Syria, we are very careful about that and we will prevent that in every way.


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