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Syria News 12 June 2012ENGLISH
Armed Terrorist Group Kidnaps passengers of Two Busses in Homs

Published on Jun 12, 2012 by SiriaNews

  • Armed Terrorist Group Kidnaps passengers of Two Busses in Homs, Authorities Pursue Fleeing Terrorists in Al-Haffah.
  • Iran Reiterates Rejection of Foreign Interference in Syria’s Affairs.
  • Two journalists from al-Ikhbariya TV injured by armed group’s fire in al-Haffeh.
  • Lavrov: Moscow Prepared to Host International Conference on Syria, Insists Upon Iran’s Participation.
  • Information Ministry: Terrorist Attack against al-Ikhbaria Channel in al-Haffeh Aimed at Stopping National Media from Conveying Facts to Public Opinion.

Recorded from Syrian Official Tv Channel and brought to you by http://www.syrianfreepress.net




Le Journal de Syrie 12 Juin 2012FRANCAIS
Un groupe terroriste enlève des passagers de deux minibus

Published on Jun 12, 2012 by

  • Poursuite de la traque des terroristes à al-Haffeh…4 terroristes tués dans l’explosion d’un engin qu’ils préparaient à Deir Ezzor
  • Le correspondant et le caméraman de la chaîne syrienne al-Ikhbaryeh blessés par des terroristes à Lattaquié
  • Un groupe terroriste enlève des passagers de deux minibus dans la banlieue de Homs
  • L’Iran: Le règlement de la crise en Syrie doit se faire par les Syriens et non s’imposer de l’extérieur
  • Le ministère de l’information: L’agression contre l’équipe d’al-Ekhbariah à Lattaquié a pour but d’empêcher la transmission de la réalité

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Fake ‘Homs Clock Tower’ found in Doha, Qatar

Published on Jun 12, 2012 by SyriaTruthNetworkEN

Translation: Addounia TV – Disinformation – Misleading Media
A Syrian living in Qatar send this footage to us (Addounia TV).

He drove with his car in one of the Malls of Qatar and proved us that the pictures are from Qatar (qatari car plate & the Mall). In the video you see a fake ‘Homs Clock Tower’.

It’s standing near the Mall in Salwa street, Doha, Qatar.

We didn’t aired the videos to tell you, that this fake clock was used for something special. We want to ask just one Question.

What is this fake clock tower doing in Qatar?! ask the Observer.

#It should be mentioned that this fake ‘Homs Clock Tower’ appeared in several anti government “protests”.


Link at this page http://wp.me/p1P9ia-1po