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Authorities Arrest Al-Qaeda Terrorist Member Who Would Have Blown Himself up during Friday Prayers

The competent authorities on Thursday arrested terrorist Mohammad Houssam al-Sadaki, from al-Qaeda- Jabhat al-Nasra- who was planning to blow himself up inside al-Rifae Mosque in Damascus during Friday prayers.



Al-Sadaki confessed that there are other persons who are supposed to explode themselves in a number of Damascus mosques today during Friday prayers.

In statements, to be broadcasted in full  by Syrian Satellite T.V.  this evening, the terrorist al-Sadaki admitted that he met three persons inside a house at al-Tadamun Quarter in Damascus and was given an explosive vest as to explode himself inside al-Rifae Mosque during today’s Friday noon Prayers when the mosques are usually very crowded.

Al-Sadaki added that has was assured that the persons involved would care about his family. Declaring that the members of the terrorist group have prepared a number of very young persons in more than a quarter in Damascus to explode themselves inside the mosques of Damascus during Friday’s Prayers.

Meantime, the competent authorities in Daraa’ Governorate arrested a group of armed terrorists at Hit Village grottos and confiscated their weapons.

The authorities clashed with the terrorists, and killed and arrested scores of them.