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Authorities Foil Terrorist Infiltration Attempts, Terrorists Detonate Car Bombs in Aleppo and Hama

PROVINCES, (SANA) – Jun 17, 2012 – Border Guard forces foiled on Saturday an infiltration attempt by an armed terrorist group from Turkey into Syrian territories in Idleb countryside.

A source at the province told SANA reporter that the border guard forces clashed with the terrorists and killed many of them and wounded others, while the rest fled to the Turkish territories.



Infiltration Attempt by Terrorist Group from Lebanon into Syria Foiled

Earlier, the competent authorities in Homs on Friday foiled an infiltration attempt by an armed terrorist group across the Lebanese territories to Syria at several sites in Homs countryside.

SANA reporter quoted a source at Homs Governorate as saying that the authorities confronted an armed terrorist group which tried to infiltrate from Lebanon to Syria near al-Joura area in al-Qseir countryside and clashed with its members, killing 6 and injuring 4 others while the others fled towards the Lebanese territories.


The source added that the authorities also confronted an infiltration attempt by armed terrorist groups from Lebanon to Syria near the sites of Halat, al-Aziziyeh and al-Arida at Tal Kalakh countryside.

The authorities clashed with these group, and injured a number of their members while the others fled into the Lebanese territories, as the ambulances were seen transferring the injured into the Lebanese territories.

Infiltration Attempt by Armed Terrorist Group from Lebanon Thwarted in Tel Kalakh

The authorities on Saturday evening thwarted an infiltration attempt by armed terrorist group who attempted to cross over from Lebanon into Syria in Tel Kalakh area near al-Armouta village, killing all the terrorists.

Authorities Clash with Terrorist, Seize Machineguns and Explosives in Daraa

The authorities in Daraa countryside clashed with an armed terrorist group in a car in Khebab town, killing two of them and wounding another.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that the authorities seized inside the car 3 machineguns and ammunition, in addition to 8 explosive devices, weighing around 700 kg, ready for detonation and communications equipment.

Booby-Trapped Car Exploded in Aleppo Causing Huge Material Damage

A booby-trapped pickup truck, loaded a with a large quantity of explosives, exploded near Transportation Directorate building in al-Nakarin district, east of Aleppo on Saturday.


The car was detonated remotely by an armed terrorist group, causing big material damage estimated at million 40 SYP.

SANA reporter quoted a source at the governorate as saying that the terrorist group parked the car by the building the building and detonated it remotely causing material damage to the vehicle technical check-up system, computers and cracks in the building.


The source added that the booby-trapped car was stolen.

Terrorist Detonates Small Truck Rigged with Explosives in Kafer Zeta, Hama Countryside

A terrorist suicide bomber detonated a small truck rigged with large amounts of explosives near al-Hal marketplace in the town of Kafer Zeta, Hama countryside.

An official source told SANA’s correspondent that the bombing led to the martyring of policeman Wael Anis Beraq and the injuring of several law-enforcement personnel, in addition to injuring six civilians, one of them an infant, who were in a minibus passing near the blast site.

The blast also caused considerable damage to the area and nearby buildings.

Terrorists Assassinate Dr. Mawan al-Ali in Deir Ezzor

An armed terrorist group assassinated dermatologist Dr. Marwan al-Ali in Deir Ezzor.

A source at the governorate told SANA that terrorists intercepted al-Ali’s car on the road between Deir Ezzor and al-Sour and opened fire, killing him instantly.

SANA – 17/6/2012 – http://www.sana.sy/eng/337/2012/06/17/425703.htm

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