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With his forehead trickling with sweat and his body burdened with military costume and outfit, smile shines on the mouth of soldier Ahmad from the Syrian Arab Army while the passersby are waving their hands in salute and raising their voices with prayer for God’s protection of all his colleagues.

“I am from Syria and my duty is to protect people,” said Ahmad briefly to SANA reporter when asked from which city he comes, standing alert at a checkpoint in the outskirts of Damascus on his mission to protect tens of people in their cars against terrorists and any booby-trapped car.

Holding his weapon tight, Ahmad, like all of his colleagues, seems saturated with determination and readiness to repel any attempt at attack by the armed terrorist groups that have been wreaking havoc in some areas in the country perpetrating heinous acts of killing, abduction and sabotage.


On the occasion of the 67th anniversary of it foundation, the members of the Syrian Army are courageously engaged in their duties of protecting the citizens and restoring security and stability that are being subjected to attempts at disrupting them by the terrorist groups and their funders and suppliers.

With these members coming down to the squares, streets and neighborhoods to perform their national duty of preserving the citizens’ security, a sense of tranquility and hope in victory seems to instill in the Syrians who have always been accustomed to the feeling of security and calm.

Having joined the ranks of the military institution with the occupied Golan being their destination until liberating the land or else be bestowed martyrdom, the Syrian Army members feel more courageous to fight the battle with the enemy having now moved to the inside.

“Each drop of blood that is spilled inside is as if it falls on the borders,” said First Lieutenant Mudar.

He added that the Syrian Arab Army has throughout its history been an embodiment of the national unity in the Syrian Arab Republic, as it includes the homeland’s sons from the east to the west and from the north to the south.

“We stress to our people on our Day that we are committed to our pledge to defend each grain of soil of our homeland until victory is achieved,” he stressed.

“The Syrian Arab Army is fighting the enemies of Syria from all over the world” said another army officer, pointing out that the Army is facing a conspiracy orchestrated by western, regional and Arab powers targeting Syria’s unity and stability.

He added that targeting the Syrian Arab Army is at the core of this conspiracy to serve the best interests of Israel in the region and to affect the unity of the state and the resistance.

Political and military analysts consider that the power of the Syrian Army lies in being ideological, pan-Arab and patriotic and well experienced having participated in many wars.

In addition to that, they consider, the Syrian Army has contributed to boosting resistance in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq, which is why the enemies have entrusted media machinery the task of demoralizing the Army members and harming its military honor through attributing the crimes of the mercenary terrorists groups to this honorable institution and betting on the defection of its members not only because it is Syria’s defender but also being the safety valve for the nation’s existence.

Syrian Arab News Agency – August 2, 2012


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