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Some regional Arab news networks such as Aljazeera and Alarabiya have effectively engaged in an all-out war against Syria, supporting the armed rebels and even fabricating news to distort the truth of the foreign-backed armed rebellion inside the country.

Press TV has conducted an interview with the Lebanese political analyst, Roula Talj from Beirut to further discuss the issue.

The program also offers the opinions of two additional guests: Kevin Barrett with the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance from Wisconsin and the Middle East consultant Peter Eyre from London.

The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.


Press TV: If we look at the situation Ms. Talj, why are not these news organizations being condemned for inciting terrorism, if they know that certain entities are terrorist entities and they allow them to be shown, for example we know what happened with Bin Laden and others. So why are not they condemned?

Talj: Well, let me start from the early days of Aljazeera when it became the voice of the voiceless Arabs, fighting the Western biased media, especially regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the Arab-Israeli conflict.

However, even during the peak of its popularity within Arabs and Muslims throughout the world, Aljazeera was the first Arab station to host Israeli officials.

And no one wondered how come such a hard line TV station started hosting Israelis and kind of creating this atmosphere of acceptance of the state of Israel and Israelis in each and every Arab and Muslim house in the Middle East and elsewhere.

So in my opinion, Aljazeera was created as a Trojan horse from the early days, from the beginning. It has this plan to have strong ties to Israel and the West in order to serve their interests when the time comes and here we are; the time came and we are witnessing the disastrous coverage of Aljazeera, it is extremely biased.

Press TV: Can we actually call this journalism, when journalism is supposed to be reporting on events that have taken place and as unbiased as possible; but just reporting or perhaps even analyzing, but not creating the news.

So can we even call what we are seeing is journalism?

Talj: In the latest events and especially since the [Arab spring] started, we have seen journalists who are known to be very professional, becoming propaganda tools in the hands of some Arab nations or some Persian Gulf countries, mainly.

There is also, there are some people out there who are opposed to regime, such as the previous regime in Egypt or today in Syria, like they are sincerely opposed to it.

However I think, in the reporting of the news, they have also lost their mind a little bit and they are mixing sometime truth and realities and they are allowing themselves to lie in order to serve their goals and the achievement of their agenda.

And I find it devastating because nowadays we can not watch one TV station, but we have to go through all the news and search the Internet and search for many sources in order to have our own opinion at the end of the day.

But deep inside whenever when I read something about Syria, I always wonder if this is propaganda or the reality.

Press TV: Ms. Talj, if we look at the way the coverage is being led right now, as 48 Iranians have been captured in Syria, now some of these mainstream stations have not really coved it; some of them have said, alleged kidnapping as if it is a creation or a lie and others that have covered it, try to very instantaneously connect these individuals to being actual military people from Iran.

Your take on this? It seems that even if the story is covered, it just depends on perspective that the station wants to take in the line that it is trying to follow; not whether it is true or not.

Talj: From the early days of the turmoil that hit the region through revolutions, I have said many times on Press TV that the main goal for the West is to divide the region into Sunni, Shiite, Alewite and other minorities in order to clash them and lead them towards a civil war, which is going to last for decades.

And at the end of the day, what the West wants is the Iranian versus Persian Gulf media war, which is going to weaken Saudi Arabia and some of the kingdoms in the Persian Gulf as well as weakening Iran of course.

But in the meantime the West will be selling weapons and expertise to Saudi Arabia and some other countries and of course this is an excellent job for their economy – an excellent boost for the American economy and at the end of the day, the weaker the Arab world becomes the better the Israel would be.

So it is sad to see that the Saudi Arabia is walking itself steadily towards this disaster in the making and the kidnapping of the Iranian visitors to Syria whether they are pilgrims or not I do not know, was covered viciously by Alarabiya tonight and I was watching it before I came to the studio.

And the only thing that came to my mind are pulling the leg of the Iranian government, like they are doing everything possible to turn this situation in Syria into a Sunni-Shiite war.

And I do not know whether they know or not, that at the end of the day if anything big is going to happen, it is going to be the end of Saudi Arabia.

Text by – MY/SC/MA – Press TV – 6/8/2012

Video by – Press TV – 6/8/2012

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