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ALEPPO/ HOMS, (SANA) – The authorities on Saturday pursued an armed terrorist group in al-Fayd neighborhood in Aleppo city inflicting heavy losses upon its members.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that the authorities killed and wounded many terrorists, arresting those who fled to al-Jamiliyeh neighborhood and seizing their car.

The authorities confronted terrorists who attacked law-enforcement forces in al-Khaldiyeh neighborhood killing and wounding many of them.

In the same context, the authorities chased an armed terrorist group in Kafr Hamra town in the countryside of Aleppo.

A source in the province said that the authorities eliminated all terrorists and seized fake passports, laptops, a printer used to forge passports and anesthetic sprays.

The authorities killed several terrorists in Kafr Hamra, including four Libyans who were heading to Aleppo city to support the armed terrorist groups.

in al-Halk neighbohood, The authorities killed dozens of terrorists, wounded others and seized their weapons near Ibn Sina School.

A unit of the armed forces clashed with terrorists in al-Sukkari neighborhood in Aleppo, killing a wounding scores of them, while the others fled and left their weapons behind. 

Authorities also clashed with and killed a number of terrorists near al-Jandoul Roundabout, the terrorists were trying to enter Aleppo city.

Armed Forces Repel Terrorist Attacks on Radio and TV Center and Central Prison in Aleppo

With the help of locals, an armed forces unit repelled an armed terrorist group that attempted to attack the Radio and TV Center in al-Iza’a neighborhood in Aleppo, inflicting heavy losses on the terrorists, some which of whom were killed or injured while the rest fled the area.

Another armed forces unit confronted an armed terrorist group that attempted to attack Aleppo Central Prison, killing and injuring many of the terrorists. The marks the third attempt by terrorist to attack the Central Prison.

On a relevant note, Aleppo governorate and civil defense began to clean up the rubble and aftermath of the destruction caused by terrorists in Salah Eddin neighborhood in preparation for restoring the neighborhood’s infrastructure and utilities.

Terrorists Killed, Two Vehicles Equipped with Dushka Machineguns Destroyed in Homs

In Homs, the authorities clashed with terrorists driving two vehicles equipped with Dushka machineguns as they tried to attack the law-enforcement forces in al-Ghasaniyeh town in al-Qseir countryside.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that the two cars were destroyed and the terrorists inside were killed.

Armed Terrorist Group Detonates Explosive Device in al-Marjeh in Damascus

An armed terrorist group detonated on Saturday an explosive device in al-Marjeh neighborhood in Damascus city near Victoria Bridge and shot randomly to terrify civilians.

A source in Damascus city told SANA correspondent that the explosion caused no injuries or damages, while the security forces pursued the terrorists and arrested them.

Competent Authorities Pursue Armed Terrorist Groups in Abel in Homs Countryside

The competent authorities pursued an armed terrorist group in cars and motorcycles that attacked citizens and law-enforcement members in Abet town in Homs countryside.

SANA correspondent quoted a source in the governorate as saying that the competent authorities destroyed the cars with the terrorists inside, also killing and wounding a number of terrorists who were riding motorcycles.

People of Al-Farafira, Al-Jalloum Prevent Terrorists from Entering their Neighborhoods

People of al-Farafira and al-Jalloum neighborhoods in Old Aleppo prevented the armed terrorist groups from entering their neighborhoods.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the Province as saying that people of the two areas took to the streets and prevented the gunmen from entering the area.

Competent Authorities Ambush Armed Terrorist Group in Daraa

The competent authorities in Daraa ambushed an armed terrorist group, killing the terrorists Ahmad Abdulkarim al-Homsi, nicknamed al-Zattam, and Mohammad Ghazi al-Ali, who were involved in killings, abductions and terrorizing citizens. The terrorists’ weapons were seized.

Authorities Kill Number of Terrorists in Daraa, Homs

The authorities clashed with an armed terrorist group in Tafas town in Daraa Countryside, killing scores of them and confiscating their weapons.

Among the killed terrorists were Bilal Kiwan, Ahmad Kiwan, Abdul-Kareem Awimar and Mohammad Mahmoud al-Bardan.

In al-Qsair area in Homs Countryside, authorities clashed with and killed terrorists, among them were Mohammad Harmoush, the leader of the group, Abdul-Salam al-Sadeq and Ali Qurli.

Authorities Pursue Terrorists in Deir Ezzor and Damascus Countryside

The authorities clashed with armed terrorist groups in the areas of al-Jbaila and al-Hamidyeh, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the Province as saying that the authorities killed and wounded scores of terrorists and destroyed a pick-up truck equipped with machinegun.

The source added that the authorities also destroyed a Mortar cannon in Mu-Hassan area and killed four terrorists who were near the weapon.

In al-Tal area in Damascus Countryside, authorities killed huge numbers of terrorists, among them the most dangerous terrorists in several Syrian provinces. A number of the terrorists’ cars were destroyed.

Terrorist Group Opens Fire on Bus in Damascus Countryside, Kills Six Civilians

An armed terrorist group opened fire on a bus taking civilians from Hama Countryside to Damascus, killing six civilians and wounding others.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the Province as saying that the terrorists targeted the bus near Yabroud Bridge, adding that the martyrs are Ali Yousef, Muneeb Arsak, Qusai Sarhan, Hassan Khabouri, Fadi Khabouri and Ramez Salloum.

Authorities Arrest Two of the Most Wanted Terrorists

With the help of locals in al-Tal area in Damascus Countryside, the authorities managed to arrest terrorists Safwan Abdelfattah al-Lazqani and Muawiya Maamoun al-Rifa’I, two of the most dangerous wanted men in Syria.

Armed Force Ambush Armed Terrorist Group in Hama Countryside

An armed forces unit set an ambush for an armed terrorist group near the town of Tibat al-Imam in Hama countryside, killing and injuring a number of terrorists and confiscating their weapons.

An official source told SANA’s correspondent said that the terrorists were using modified small trucks and terrorizing locals, so the armed forces set a trap for them which resulted in the death of a number of terrorists including Issam Haj Omar, Abdelhamid Qassumeh and Obai Mahmoud.

The operation resulted in the destruction of the vehicles used by the terrorists and the confiscation of their weapons, which included explosive devices of various yields set for detonation.


SANA – 11 august 2012

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