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Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Dr. Qadri Jamil, on Tuesday said that the current Syrian government has put on its agenda the goal of achieving national reconciliation, stressing that this goal requires starting a comprehensive political process to secure a safe way out of the prevailing situation in Syria.



In a joint press conference with Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs, Ali Haidar, held in Moscow, Jamil made clear that the Syrian delegation discussed with Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, the prospects of solving the crisis in Syria in details, which he said “has caused spilling of blood and strong pressure on the Syrian economy in a way that reflected negatively on the life and livelihood of the Syrian citizens.”

“Our stance has been clear since the start of the crisis in terms of the necessity of going for dialogue without pre-conditions,” stressed Minister Jamil, adding that putting such pre-conditions hinders the process of starting dialogue.

“Those who want to start dialogue should go for it immediately and put forth on the table their ideas and views on solving the crisis and visions for the upcoming renewed Syria,” he said.

The Minister pointed out that there are principles for dialogue that must be committed to for getting the dialogue table started.

“These principles have become known and are represented in the rejection of foreign interference and violence in all their forms,” said Jamil, reiterating that these two points are not conditions but principles that should be agreed on, “otherwise dialogue will be doomed to failure.”

Once agreement is made on these two principles, he added, the other issues will be solvable through dialogue that is aimed at reaching accord.

For his part, Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs, Haidar, stressed that “halting the violence needs a international atmosphere helped prepared by the friends to be imposed on the international level and at the international forums as this will help a lot in taking the other files inside Syria towards the direction of serving the final comprehensive national reconciliation.”

“The political process for the national reconciliation should immediately follow the halt of violence as it is not possible to go for a political process on a moving ground and under the pressure of military clashes because then we will be going to a process of a different kind,” said Minister Haidar.

He continued that “halting the violence needs a road map and clear headlines represented in stopping this violence and recognizing the existence of one legitimate weapon which is that of the state.”

“In addition to that,” Haidar added, “there needs to be a mechanism for handing over weapons, providing that all holders of this weapon move to the political process on the ground not of defeat or withdrawal but of shifting to the normal situation of all the Syrians which is that of engaging into a clear political movement and finding their representatives in the upcoming political process.”

This, the Minister said, will ensure heading to the dialogue table on a firm and clear ground to achieve a comprehensive national reconciliation that guarantees the rights of everybody and secures their interests without exception.

Haidar lashed out at the blackout practiced by the West against the work of the Ministry of National Reconciliation Affairs.

He stressed that such attempts are aimed at “saying that there is no Syrian political will to solve the crisis through a political process, and therefore the only way out of the current difficult situation is through a military action and foreign intervention in the Syrian affair.”

Haidar said that the establishment of the National Reconciliation Ministry was one of the factors of preventing foreign interference, reiterating that “the solution to the crisis in Syria should be a Syrian one par excellence on Syria’s land through a Syrian project among the Syrian people.”

Lavrov: Implementing Geneva Agreement Is the Only Way to Settle Crisis

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stressed during his meeting with the Syrian government delegation Russia’s commitment to Geneva agreement on the situation in Syria as the only way to settle the crisis in it.

Quoted by Russia Today website, Lavrov expressed interest in listening to the delegation’s assessment of the current situation and plans for the next steps the future to help quickly take the situation to the track of political dialogue so as for the Syrians to be able to determine their destiny by themselves without foreign interference.

The Russian Foreign Minister stressed that implementing Geneva agreement is the only way to settle the crisis in Syria.

“We are committed to Geneva agreement which developed and explained in details Annan’s plan, and we are certain that it is the fastest way towards halting the violence and saving the lives of many,” said Lavrov.

He added that this requires a political will on the part of the Syrian government and the parties of the opposition without exception.

“Of course, if this was related to the economy or the humanitarian situation, then all of this has to do with the necessity of implementing the agreements reached and which were agreed on by the Syrian government on June 30 regarding halting the acts of violence and entering into dialogue with the opposition’s groups about the details of the transitional stage,” said Lavrov.

Lavrov: Russia Ready to Support any Decision to be taken by the Syrians themselves

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reiterated his country’s readiness to support any decision that will be taken by the Syrian people in the framework a national comprehensive dialogue.

“The international community with all its members, particularly those who have direct influence on the situation in Syria, should help the Syrian sides reach dialogue and national reconciliation as this is the only way to stop violence and bloodshed,” Lavrov said to SANA correspondent in Moscow following the meeting with the Syrian delegation.

He described the talks with Jamil and Haidar as very useful , saying ” undoubtedly, the general approach taken by the Syrian leadership was the only correct approach in spite of some delay in work and a number of mistakes.”

Lavrov added that his talks with the Syrian delegation dealt with the tangible issues of contacts between the Syrian government, the National Reconciliation Ministry from one side and the opposition from the other, particularly the latest initiative proposed by “the National Coordination Board.”

“We saw that our Syrian friends, the representatives of the government, were ready for that as the initiative is called to put an end to the violence and bloodshed from whatever source  it was, later comes the issues of detainees, refugees and the humanitarian aid as well as the immediate start of dialogue between the government and the Syrian opposition groups,” Lavrov said.



H. Said & Mazen – SANA, 21/08/2012

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