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Syria – Darayya Massacre committed by FSA

Killing, Murdering everything in the name of FREEDOM.


Behind me we see dead civilians everywhere.

I don’t know if i have the right words to describe this but this is their (Terrorists) way of thinking. I will let you with the pictures.

“Here is a woman and she is alive. We will talk to her and we and you will hear what happend to her.”

woman “I was on the way to Damascus with my husband and children. Suddenly i saw myself like that Beaten.”

“Who did beat you Aunt (courtesy name)?”

woman “I didn’t know. I don’t know where my children are.”

“You don’t know where your husband and children are?”

woman “My husband works for the State Security.”

“Where is your husband?”

woman “I don’t know. I have 2 boys and a girl, Wassim; Wissam and Wiam. I’m from the Halabi family and my children are from the Qahwaji family.”

“Don’t you know who has done this to you?”

woman “I don’t remember anything just that i was attacked.”

woman: “We don’t where to go. They (Terrorists) forced us out of our Houses. They said the security forces are coming to kill us. But as we saw them (Syrian Army) we felt save.”

“Who told you that the Security Forces are coming to kill you? tell us.”

woman: “Mens who were wearing Weapons they came and said go out of your houses, the security forces are coming to kill you. As we have seen the Security Forces, they stopped us and helped us to get a car and broughtus back to home.”

“There are people who are trying to discredit the Syrian Arab Army who you are seeing infront of you. You are now one of those who has met them. Tell us what did you see from them?”

woman “By God, Everything was allright they have brought us the car and brought security to our homes.”

man: “We hid ourselves because we heard shots. Yesterday an armed terrorist group came here and they forced us to hide in a shelter. I’m now 3 days away from my house, i don’t no where my family is nor my wives. As we came to a shelter, they (Terrorists) said the Syrian Army is coming, we felt happy. They (Syrian Army) came in and brought us up. Then they (Syrian Army) started to take some passports, after two passports the terrorists came and we had to stand at the wall. They (Terrorists) took the soldiers to a room and we heard shootings. Then we were forced to go back to the shelter were we found the army members dead in a room.”

man “please help us, our children are in a cellar, they don’t have something to eat, they can’t even go to the toilet, please help us from them (Terrorists).”

man “….please help us.”

“This is Daraya after the terrorists came in. ”

“We will go now with the Syrian Arab Army to document the crimes of Terrorism against Syrians. Here is a mother who has martyred, her children are alive. May all the Martyrs of Syria rest in peace.”

“Who is this next to you?”

Child: “My mum”

“Do you know what happend to you?”

Child: “No”

“For whom and for what, under which name they support Terrorism in Syria.”

“We watched some years ago Mohammad al-Durrah and the Zionist killing him. Today we see a new Mohammad al Durrah in Syria with his mother and his family.”

“May all Syrian Martyrs rest in peace.”

Army member “They are killing women and children with ‘cold blood’ (without feelings). Let the whole world see this.”

Man “On the second day of EID, we were sitting in our houses some moved to the shelters.”

Man “Yes and now it is very secure and fine. We can now go out.”

“What happend here?”

Man “We saw armed people with weapons but the majority are not from Daraya. They were on the streets so we couldn’t went out.”
“What did they want?”

Man “We didn’t know. They just said go to your houses. Some of those who went out were killed. If they didn’t knew a person they shooted at him and killed him.”

woman “I don’t know what to say..The armed groups were 4 days here and it was really tough so we ran away from our house. Today we called and heard the syrian army is hear so we came directly because we knew that everything is secure now.”

man “The Syrian Army is protecting us, our children and our country.”

“Are you forced by someone to say this?”

man “No. I speak for myself.”

“They say we force you to say something.”

man “No, we came ourselves and obody forced us.”

man “We have talked from our hearts, nobody forced us.”

Army member “We will fight Terrorism in all areas of Syria. We won’t leave 1 Terrorist destroy the security of our citizens.”

Army member “We have here a Incinerator. The Terrorist burned corpses who are belonging to foreign terorists. Here are 9 corpses and there are 40 corpses we heared burned so we can’t know there backround. There are corpses they didn’t had time to burn. They belong to Pakistanis, Afghanis, Mayar and 2 Africans.”

“How are you?”

mens “Good, welcome”.


Video Published on Aug 26, 2012 by Addounia-English

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