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MOSCOW – 18/9/2012 – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov stressed that Russia will not pass any resolution against Syria at the UN Security Council under the 7th item, saying “We are against any resolutions which open the way for unilateral force acts against Syria and we will not accept that.”

“Our stance differs from that of the US towards the resolution on Syria.. the Americans suggest the adoption of a resolution with a punishing context and under the 7th item which allows the use of force,” Gatilov said in a statement.

He expressed Moscow’s concern over the plots of some westerners who try to resolve the crisis outside the framework of the UN Security Council, referring that any attempts like these are unilateral steps.

Gatilov clarified that the Russian initiative on the need for approving Geneva statement on Syria by the UNSC has not been formulated yet, saying “we seek for approving the statement by the UNSC.”

“The UN Secretary General, as the Chief official at the UN, has to adopt balanced and cautious stances when talking about serious issues, most importantly, Syria,” Gatilov said.

He added that the UNSC inability to reach an agreement on Syria doesn’t mean that it was paralyzed, affirming “we don’t rule out the UN monitors to resume their activities in Syria in the future.”

Gatilov stressed Moscow’s readiness to cooperate with the UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi whose office in Damascus became ready where political and a number of military monitors will join him.

Chairwoman of the Russian Delegation at UN Human Rights Council Session: Efforts Need to be Focused on Geneva Statement

Russia called for focusing efforts on implementing Geneva statement and Kofi Annan’s plan to solve the crisis in Syria, and for rejecting foreign interference attempts, stressing that peaceful settlement is the sole way for solving the crisis.

Chairwoman of the Russian delegation at a UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva on Saturday said ”We call upon the parties concerned to not invoke feeble pretexts to justify a military interference in Syria”, stressing that the rise in terrorist activities in Syria is connected to outside support.

She indicated that the West always turns a blind eye to human rights violations committed by the armed Syrian opposition.

”Those who claim to be bringing democracy to the region, according to some countries, are committing mass crimes and open fire deliberately on civilians, and assassinate social figures and use hostages as suicide bombers and children as soldiers,” the Russian official said.

She added that Russia shares the experts’ opinion regarding the necessity of blaming the culprits, indicating that the culprits in Syria get away with their actions and receive help from the countries offering them protection.

The Russian official called for repealing the unilateral sanctions against Syria, affirming that her country believes in the experts’ assessment of their negative consequences of the unilateral sanctions that hit the civilians hard.

Mazen Eyon – 18/9/2012 – SANA


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