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Armed Forces Inflict Heavy Losses Upon Terrorists in Aleppo, Damascus Countryside, Raqqa

A unit of the armed forces on Monday cleaned the Agricultural Institute in al-Arqoub area in Aleppo city of terrorists and seized a large amount of ammunition.

Another unit of the armed forces carried out a qualitative operation in the same area and killed large number of terrorists.

In a building in al-Arkoub neighborhood in Aleppo city, an armed forces unit uncovered a field hospital, a terrorist headquarters and an ammo depot containing tens of RPG rounds and explosive devices.

Meanwhile, a unit of the armed forces completely cleaned the surrounding areas of al-Quran Mosque and Ali Nasser Agha School in Suleiman al-Halabi district in the city of terrorists.

An army unit eliminated all members of an armed terrorist group in a qualitative operation in al-Sukari neighborhood.

On the other hand, an army unit clashed with an armed terrorist group that was attacking people and sabotaging public and private properties near al-Jandoul Roundabout in the city, inflicting heavy losses upon it.

As they were fleeing the armed forces, a terrorist group set fire to a number of houses in Al-Hatab Square in Aleppo city.

In Karm al-Jabal area in Aleppo, the armed forces carried out an operation against a gathering of terrorists, inflicting heavy losses upon them and destroying a number of vehicles equipped with DShK machineguns.

DShK-equipped Vehicle Destroyed, Terrorists Killed in Aleppo Countryside

The armed forces units destroyed a vehicle equipped with DShK machine gun, killing the terrorists inside near the Industry School in al-Atareb area in the countryside of the province.

An official source told SANA reporter that the armed forces carried out two qualitative operations against the armed terrorist groups that were stationed near Baedin Roundabout and to the north of al-Mansoura Gas Station in the countryside of the province, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

A unit of the armed forces carried out a qualitative operation against terrorists in Urum al-Kubra in Aleppo countryside.

The operation resulted in the killing of scores of terrorists.

Official Source in Raqqa: News about Clashes between Army and Armed Groups in al-Tabaqa Airport Baseless

An official source in al-Raqqa province on Monday denied as “baseless and untrue” the news broadcast by some media outlets about clashes between a unit of the armed forces and the armed terrorist groups in al-Tabaqa Airport on Sunday night and Monday morning.

The source added that movement in the airport is normal and these allegations came within the framework of the war against Syria and its people and they reveal the bankruptcy of these satellite channels.

A number of Terrorists Killed in Raqqa

A unit of the armed forces carried out a qualitative operation against terrorists who were committing sabotage and vandalism acts in Ein al-Arous village in Tal-Abiad area, Raqqa province.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that the operation resulted in killing a large number of terrorists and wounding others.

On a relevant note, the authorities liberated abducted citizens Mohammad Abdo Ferzat and recovered his truck which was loaded with 43 tons of cement. Terrorists had hijacked the truck and abducted Ferzat east of the town of al-Athariya in al-Salamiyeh area, Hama.

Authorities Pursue Terrorists in Damascus Countryside

In Damascus Countryside, the authorities continue pursuing terrorists in al-Sbeineh, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

Car Bomb Loaded with 1000 kg of Explosives Dismantled in Salamiyah, Hama

The authorities foiled an attempt to detonate a van loaded with more than 1000kg of explosives at the entrance of Barri al-Sharqi area in Salamiyah, Hama.

An official source said that a terrorist group forced citizens Radwan al-Safetli whom they abducted a few days ago to drive the van into the aforementioned area, threatening to kill his siblings who are also abducted.

 SANA – 24/09/2012

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