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DAMASCUS – The inhabitants of al-Hajar al-Aswad area in Damascus who were forced to leave their houses due to the armed terrorist groups’ criminal acts started to return to the neighborhood gradually as the Syrian army cleared it of terrorists.

A lot of memories came back totheir minds as they walked the neighborhood’s streets. Bearded gunmen firing on everything, heaps of ashes, burnt clothes and furniture here and there. Empty bullets for snipers targeting passing men, women and children and many other stories.

Um Mohammad gathered up her things from the house of her daughter in Palestine Camp with eagerness and determination to go home in al-Hajar al-Aswad which she was forced to leave because of the mercenary terrorists who rampaged through the neighborhood and destroyed everything.

A small reassuring smile decorated her face as her son told her that the neighborhood is safe and she can get back to home. Despite her daughter’s appeals to stay a few days, the mother seemed so confident and patted on her shoulder saying “Don’t worry as long as the army is there.”

One of the inhabitants said that 20% of the inhabitants returned the moment they knew that the army had cleared the area of terrorists and that maintenance workshops started their work to repair the damaged electricity networks and service institutions.

In turn, another inhabitant, Khaled, expressed joy over his return to his home after one month moving between the houses of his relatives and friends, adding that “we were waiting for the army to interfere and secure us from these takfiri mercenary terrorists who sabotaged the neighborhood.”

Khaled appreciated the sacrifices of the Syrian army to restore security and stability to the neighborhood. Citizen Feras rushed to check on his home whose furniture has been sabotaged by the armed terrorists groups which received painful blows as the army cleaned the area of their vanquished members.

He hailed the army’s efforts and commitment to preserve the strength and steadfastness of the homeland.

R. Raslan/ M. Ismael -SANA

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