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Path of Life Marathon in Revival of Terrorism-Struck Homs Neighborhoods.

HOMS – Homs Youth Voluntary Team organized “the Path of Life” marathon with wide official and popular participation on al-Steen Street as people started to return to their neighborhoods, particularly the neighborhoods of al-Nazehin and Ashira.

The participants, who returned to their houses as the armed forces cleared their neighborhoods of the terrorists, raised the Syrian flag, photos of President Bashar al-Assad and banners that stress adherence to national unity and rejection of terrorism and sectarianism.

Governor of Homs, Ahmad Muneir Mohammad, said that the conspirators wanted to make al-Steen Street in Homs the road to death, expressing optimism that the conspiracy will end soon.


Head of Homs Youth Voluntary Team, Wahid Yazbek, said that the event aimed at gathering people around one goal of reviving life in Homs neighborhoods after restoring security and safety to them.

In turn, Head of services committee in the province, Abdel-Kareem Mohammad, pointed out that the people returning started to engage in active life again, adding that around 60 families returned to Jeb al-Jandali neighborhood and about 100 families went back to Ashira neighborhood.

He stressed that the province provided families with basic needs, including bread, water, electricity and gas.


Mohammad added that rehabilitation works of the damaged infrastructure in the aforementioned neighborhoods are on.

One of the citizens said that she was forced to leave her house after the armed terrorists groups threatened to kill her family.


A number of families expressed pleasure to go back to their homes and neighborhoods, calling upon other displaced families to return.

The event was concluded with honoring the first winners. 150 runners participated in the marathon which started from al-Mowasalat roundabout.

R. Raslan/ R. Milhem – SANA

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