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 The armed terrorist gangs connected with abroad have carried out two terrorist bombings on Wednesday targeting the General Staff building, an official military source said.

It pointed out that the initial investigations indicated that the two bombings in the surrounding of and inside the General Staff building are caused by two booby-trapped cars.

The source said the terrorist attack resulted in the martyrdom of four guards of wounds they sustained in the explosions and the injury of 14 civilians and military members, in addition to causing material damages to the building and a fire in some of its parts.


Video report of the terrorist attack


The source said that this terrorist act coincided with shooting random fire by some terrorists in the vicinity of the building and the neighboring streets to spread panic among the civilians, asserting that the authorities confronted the terrorists and pursued them in the surrounding area.

“Seeing this criminal act as an evidence of the bankruptcy of those who lead the war against Syria, the General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces confirms that all the military commanders and commanding officers are safe and none has been wounded or hurt and they are continuing their daily duties,” the source underlined.

“This heinous crime will enhance the determination of our armed forces in confronting terrorism and crushing all those who attempt to tamper with the security of the homeland and the citizens,” the source said.

Al-Zoubi: Military Staff, Radio and TV Staff Are Safe

Earlier, Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi affirmed that the terrorist explosions were confined to material damages and that all members of the military command, the General Staff and the Defense Ministry are safe, dismissing the news posted on  internet and aired by some media channels as false and coming in the framework of trying to influence the morale of the Syrian people and armed forces.

In a phone call with the Syrian TV , Minister al-Zoubi also stressed that all the staff of the General Establishment of Radio and Television, located in the surrounding area of the explosions, are safe.

The Minister pointed out that the terrorist act took place in an important site but the terrorists as usual failed to achieve their goals, asserting that the aggressive project targeting Syria is integral and has its tools, means and persons, “therefore we should expect such kind of barbarian acts as we are facing a war.”

“Syria is facing a battle but not only in the political sense .. we are facing a brutal aggression. Therefore, the Syrian people and the armed forces have no choice except defending their homeland,” al-Zoubi said.

“The aggression will be defeated.. we are ready to face it in its foreign sense and internal tools … we will remain committed to our political stances, and dialogue should be a Syrian-Syrian one,”  he underscored.

 “There won’t be a dialogue with Syria’s enemies abroad nor with those who conspire against Syria with foreign sides. Nor there will be international conferences with those who are part of the conspiracy against Syria,” the Minister said.

He called on all those who want the interest of the homeland “to come to the dialogue table as the agenda of discussion is open and the space is a Syrian one.”

In the same context, the Information Ministry dismissed “as groundless” the news reported by some instigative websites and satellite channels on the injury of the Defense Minister or any of the Military Commanders.

The Ministry also stressed that neither the Cabinet nor any governmental institution have been exposed to any terrorist acts, asserting that such news reflect these media outlets’ bankruptcy and come in the framework of the miserable psychological war waged against the Syrian people.


SANA – 26/09/2012

Republication & Translation by SyrianFreePress.net Network – 26/09/2012