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DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE, (SANA) – The Syrian army started pursuing the armed terrorist groups which disseminated chaos and terrorism in Harasta in Damascus countryside.

In interviews with SANA, People of Harasta talked about the acts of the terrorist groups which set up roadblocks, terrified the residents and committed looting and sabotage acts.

Wael from Harasta said he was able to go to work only when the army came to the area, adding that “My family has been in Harasta for 70 years, we don’t accept chaos and we don’t hesitate to inform about the terrorists who are trying to ruin our lives.”

He added “We were afraid of driving our cars because we were afraid the cars will be stolen. Now that the army entered the area, we can continue our work normally.”

A nearby lady who was looking at the soldiers and hailing them told SANA reporter that “After the Syrian army arrived in the area, we feel safe now, we are not afraid anymore.”

The people of Harasta helped the army and guided the soldiers to terrorists’ hideouts and caches used by the terrorists to hide their weapons and ammunition.

They stressed that “Building and developing Syria can’t be reached by terrorism. The Syrian army is the only guarantor for the future of our country.”

M. Nassr/ M. Eyon – 01/10/2012 – SANA

SyrianFreePress.net Network – 01/10/2012