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German Federal Intelligence Service (BND/Bundesnachrichtendienst): Most terrorists are foreigners.

The Syrian Arab Army has discovered another arms cache, which was hidden in a drainage canal in the Syrian capital Damascus, while the battles and the urban warfare in parts of the country between the Syrian Army and the Western-backed terrorists and religious fanatics continue.

The hidden arms cache was discovered in the Qaban area of the Syrian capital Damascus on Sunday. Among the discovered weapons, the Syrian Arab Army has also found rocket propelled grenades and also a mortar launcher.

As usually, the weapons are either hidden in tunnels like it was the situation in Qaban (Damascus), in empty flats and, sadly but true, the Western-backed armed groups of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) also converted mosques into bases and weapons depots. Of course, because of reasons.

As military sources have told, a number of these armed fighters and mercenaries were also killed during the fighting between the Syrian Arab Army and these Western-backed groups in this district of Damascus on Sunday.

In addition, the Syrian Arab Army has also stormed another camp of these Western-backed troops in Zabadani that is located in the province of Damascus. A number of armed fighters were arrested in this maneuver.

Of course, the fights between the Syrian Arab Army and the foreign-supported fighters, mercenaries and religious fanatics also continue in other parts of Syria. For example, there have been again fights between the Syrian Army and the Western-backed groups, that are often called the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), in Dara`a, Hama, Idlib (Idleb) and Aleppo.

As long as the West tries to destabilize Syria by terrorism and groups of religious fanatics and trained mercenaries, there will be no day without any fight in Syria. If this is the kind of democracy the West prays and tries to sell to other countries, serious and peaceful people should reject this.

At least, the Syrian Arab Army gains more and more skills in urban warfare and more and more streets and districts are cleaned from foreign-supported fighters. This is one of the huge hypocrisies of the Western imperialism.

They don`t want Islamists in their own countries, but when it comes to their geo-political (and other) goals, they support radical Islamists and religious fanatics abroad. A policy that has finally nothing to do with democratic and peaceful values and what is also against international law. In a better world, these Western politicians would face several lawsuits and finally be jailed.

As said, at least, the Syrian Arab Army was able to again clear some more districts of armed terrorist and Islamist groups in the northern Syrian city, Aleppo.

In the northeastern Syrian city of Qamishili (Qamishli), where mainly Kurdish inhabitants live, at least four people were killed and many other people injured in a horrible car bomb attack that was carried out by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). Thus, it is no surprise that the Kurds in Syria mainly oppose the terrorism of the Western-backed terrorist groups and religious fanatics.

In addition, an allegedly commander of a group of foreign-supported armed fighters was killed by his own radical members of this group. It is said that they turned against their commander and finally killed him. After the developments between the ranks of these different groups, that are labeled as “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) by Western media because it is easier to maintain and sell the related propaganda stories, it is to believe that this killing of their own commander (Rabea Swaidan) really happened in the Syrian city of Dara`a, which is located in the southwest of Syria.

This murdered commander Rabea Swaidan was shot in the city of Dara`a (the city is located about 110 kilometers in the south of Damascus) by his own armed fighters after they had a harsh dispute. The dispute was allegedly about the distribution of the money this group has received by abroad to financially support their illegal activities and the fight against the Syrian Arab Army, but the dispute was also about the distribution of stolen property as the news agency SANA has reported.

Nobody will cry about the death of this commander because previously, he was personally involved in armed robberies, abductions, looting of cars and houses but also in the extortion and even killing of residents in the district of the Syrian city of Dara`a.

Meanwhile, the so-called German BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst / German Federal Intelligence Service) has admitted in an official report that only 5% of the armed terrorists in Syria are really Syrians and, thus, 95% of these Western-backed terrorists and religious fanatics are from other countries.

According to the German newspaper “Die Welt”, the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND / Bundesnachrichtendienst) has published this statement in a new official and detailed report about their findings on the so-called “revolution” in Syria.

In addition, it is also said that the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND / Bundesnachrichtendienst) has detailed listed the accounts of the nationalities of these foreign-supported fighters in Syria and even their locations in the country.

Thus, allegedly the majority of the armed fighters in Syria come from several African countries and it is likely that a lot of these fighters from these African countries are members of the so-called al-Qaeda (also known as al-CIAda).

It seems that the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND / Bundesnachrichtendienst) assumes that the amount of foreign-backed terrorists in Syria can be estimated at a number of 14,800 armed persons.

Not to mention that the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND / Bundesnachrichtendienst) is itself indirectly and even directly involved in the support of the armed struggle against the Syrian Arab Army and leadership. This became already obvious in recent months and this Intelligence Service finally acted and (probably still acts) against international law, under the approval of the German government – all political parties.

Thus, the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND / Bundesnachrichtendienst) is indirectly involved in the killing of Syrian soldiers and also civilians.


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Syrian Patriot – October 2, 2012