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October 6, 2012 – Hearing the reports of the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army in eliminating the mercenaries of the Wahhabis and Zionists, the Syrians recall the victories of the Syrian Armed Forces 39 years ago in the October Liberation War.


There are little differences between the current aggression and the circumstances during the October War, as Syria is facing an enemy armed with western and Israeli weapons aiming at destroying the Syrian state and punish its people for foiling all the hegemonic and hostile schemes planned for the region.


The confiscation of Israeli-made weapons found with the mercenary terrorists and the hostile western statements broadcast by misleading media outlets bring back to mind the destruction of Israeli vehicles and warplanes during the October War.

The total faith in the ability of the Syrian army to achieve victory and destroy terrorism and Wahhabi-Zionist calls is enhanced by the unity of the Syrians, who stand firm in the face of challenges and economic sanctions imposed on them in an attempt to undermine their commitment to their homeland.

The successive victories which broke the alleged legend of the Israeli army during the October War proved that liberating all the occupied Arab lands was at hands, but the western countries hastened, as usual, to start negotiations to stop the fighting on one of the fronts, and so succeeded in stopping the battle on the Egyptian front.


Syria continued its war for 100 days in a war of attrition, during which the Syrian soldiers succeeded in liberating Quneitra. Since then, the struggle began in the region between two projects; one led by Syria and supports the resistance movements and the other carried out by the majority of the Arab leaders who were subservient to the US-Israeli scheme aiming at controlling the region, plundering its riches and enslaving its peoples.

Never did the Arab Gulf conspirators succeed in making Syria abandon resistance or stop defending the land and sanctities, as Damascus continued working on supporting the resistance movements and confronting all attempts to deviate the point of the compass from the Arabs’ main causes.

Observers say that the current battle which Syria is waging is different in form but not in substance from October war, as the foreign enemy arming terrorists and sending mercenaries into Syria has but one goal: toppling Syria, as the US and Israel sought to dominate it by weakening it and subverting its role, a goal that wasn’t achieved and will never be achieved.

M. Nassr/ H. Sabbagh – SANA – 6/10/2012

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